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To make this easy to find a book, each book is listed in alphabetical order according to the author.  Then I’ve listed the books in their book order according to the series.

The majority of the books have their own book page.  So when you jump on the book cover, you’ll find the link to that book.  Some books were read so long ago that the link will be to the book series pages instead.  You’ll still find some #bookdetails for those books.  

To know which are my most recent reads, and therefore have many more #bookdetails than others, check out My Reads page!!

If you are wondering about the Authors listed here, check out the Authors List.

Enjoy and Happy reading!!

StuckOnRomanceBooks Bookshelf



Change of Fortune by Traci Hunter Abramson
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4



Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen
Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen
The Lady in the Coppergate Tower by Nancy Campbell Allen
Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts by Nancy Campbell Allen



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