The Wish Series by Barbara Freethy

Last Published: 10-23-2020

Book Series Summary

The Wish Series is a boxed set of 3 wonderful romance stories by Barbara Freethy.

These stories are all classified as inspirational romance.  Each story stands completely on its own and isn’t connected to the others.  Each story has a common theme, one about wishes and making them and hoping that they’ll come true.

There’s no sexy details in any of the stories.  Yes, leading up to but not in the bedroom kind!!  They’re just enjoyable romances that are entertaining and fun.

This box set is also called “romance anthology” as all 3 books can be found in this box set.

I found 2 different covers for this box set, both published in 2012.  One seems to be for Kindle and the other is an ebook cover!!

Each book is right around 250 pages long.  Long enough to be a good story but not so long that you’re stuck for days!!

I found this book on Kindle Unlimited.

There is no book 1, 2 or 3, not really.  The books really stand completely alone is content and characters.

A Secret Wish

A Secret Wish is actually three different stories woven into one.  The characters don’t know each other but their lives are interwoven.  They live and work near each other and see each other one the street.

You could definitely take these apart and have a short story but the fact that they’re woven together makes for an interesting story.

So, three heroines are having a milestone birthday, one turning 30, another 35 and the third 40!

And they connect only randomly in scenes like one stops into a drug store and bumps into another when buying a birthday card.

All three main characters, Liz, Angela, and Carole are at a cross roads in their lives.  They all are dissatisfied with the way things are and are thinking about making a change.  And during the wishing and blowing out of candles, they all wish for something new.

Liz is 30.  All of her friends are having babies, getting married, moving on with their lives, except her.  She’s still alone and chooses to celebrate her birthday herself.

And that brings her into contact with John.  John also appears to be in need of some solace and direction.

Together they decide to not only celebrate her birthday but also celebrate life by doing some outlandish and maybe reckless things.

And together they both get a new lease on life and decide that they’re going to fight for a life that they want plus fight for each other.

The next character’s name is Angela.  Her and her husband have been trying to have a baby for years and have gone thru all the treatments and appointments to get there.  But no luck.  She’s 35 years old and still no baby.

She leaves her party only to encounter a mugger who ended up being a young teenager.  Instead of pressing charges, she decides to help the teenager and ends up helping herself.

The last character is Carole, or Carly.  She’s the trophy wife of an up and coming stateman.  Her entire life has been about her husband’s career, at the expense of even her children.  And as she’s turning 40 years, she’s tired of not knowing her children and not being happy in her marriage.

And she finds that in order to move forward, she needs to go back.

And that takes her down memory lane and back to her mother.  Even tho they’ve been estranged for several years, she goes to see her mother to see if she find some answers for herself.

And that also included seeing the one man that she let go.  The one man that saw her for what she is and who she was meant to be.

So each story within this story is about figuring out which road they should take at this major junction in their lives.  Which road is the best one and which will be the right one for them to finally be happy.

I enjoyed how Freethy interwoven the lives of all three women to make a great story.

Just a Wish Away

Just a Wish Away is definitely a second chance themed story.  The main characters were high school friends and had crushes on each other and then lost touch for years.

As young teenagers, they were inseparable.  Whenever Alexa’s family showed up in the summer, her and Braden would have adventures up and down the coast.

Now many years later, Alexa has come back to Sand Harbor to help her aunt after she’s been attacked in her antique store.

And Braden Elliot has come home to heal both in body and spirit after a failed marriage and leaving the army.

Now they’re brought together not only because of the break-in but also because of a long ago mystery that is dying to be solved.

So not only is this story a mystery but also a romance.

They work together to solve both mysteries and end up mending their hearts as well.

They realize that they’ve loved each other since they were teenagers and were meant to be together.

Okay, so a lot happens to get them there. But it’s an entertaining story.  A story that will resonate with any that had a teenage crush when they were younger.

When Wishes Collide

When Wishes Collide is mush more of a mystery than a romance, even tho you’ll find a tender romance too.

This story is about two people who literally and figuratively collide.  

Adrianna witnessed something that no one ever should see, and that’s left her so traumatized that she can’t go back to work.

Wyatt’s ex-wife kidnapped their daughter two years earlier and then disappeared.

Both are in desperate need of a miracle, a wish to help them continue.

When their coins literally collide at a wishing fountain, they realize that they’re meant to help each other.

And together they embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

He helps her to see past the trauma of seeing her boyfriend die in front of her.

She helps him pick thru the clues and the new evidence to finally be able to find his sweet, little 8yr old daughter.

And it’s while they help each other, that they fall in love and heal as well.

This is a tender and intriguing story right from the beginning.  We get to know Wyatt and the pain that he’s been going thru after losing his daughter.

We also get to know just how difficult it can be after witnessing a terrible crime and the effects that that can have on a person.  

And how Wyatt and Adrianna forge a bond as they learn to rely on each other and build that trust to be able to count on each other.

But it’s also about how Adrianna really faces her past and comes to terms with it as she helps others that are in similar circumstances.

So this story is also about healing.  Each character must heal in some way and how they helped each other.

This is a enjoyable story. 

And yes, they finally come together in the end and get married right at the end of the story!


I enjoyed each story in this anthology.  Each story was heart-warming and sappy when it needed it be and thrilling and suspenseful when it had to be to move the story forward.

It was also a clean romance that’s filled with engaging characters and an interesting storyline that pulls you right in to experience what the characters are thinking and feeling.

Definitely stories worth your time!

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