Dark Demon

Originally Published: 07-07-2018

Book Summary

Dark Demon is the 16th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

And according to Goodreads, this book is book 13!!

But Christine Feehan’s site says it’s book 16, so I’ll use that one.

This book is Vikirnoff Von Shrieder’s story.  He’s been chasing Natalya Shonski since book 13 when his brother found his lifemate Destiny.

And what you find out in this book is that Natalya is twins with Razvan.  He’s been the villain til you finally read his story in book 20, Dark Slayer when you find out that he’s been the victim as much as some others.

Natalya Shonski has been on the run for as long as she can remember.  She has evaded the vampires and Carpathians alike for several books.  Now when Vikirnoff finally catches up with, he finds that she’s his lifemate!!

But she’s on a mission of her own and doesn’t have time for Vikirnoff.  But that doesn’t stop him from helping her anyway.  

While there’s an instant attraction to each other, there’s also an instant frustration, even annoyance between them right from the start.

Neither of them are what they expected for each other.  Vikirnoff was hoping to have a lifemate that would look to him for…… just about everything!  And while she longed for a family, Vikirnoff was not what she wanted.

So they are in a similar boat, emotionally.  So there’s a lot of banter back and forth between them that heightens the sexual tension that’s going on.

He’s also willing to help her find the book that she’s determined to find.

So this book actually brings in a whole bunch of the background story into the story.  You hear much more about Razvan and who he might have been.  You also find out more about Xavier and the terrible mage that he was and what he’s actually capable of.  And what he’s been planning for so long!

So the story is filled with a whole lot more.

You see, Razvan and Natalya are twins born from the evil that Xavier started.  Xavier was the ancient mage that kidnapped Rhiannon, assaulted and tortured her and ended up with triplets (Soren, Tatijana and Briaislava).

Soren is Natalya’s father.  So she has mage, Carpathian and human blood.  So that makes her a very powerful character.

Natalya’s story is filled with sorrow and deception.  She has her memories altered and missing but feels compelled to find this spell book that her father hid.

And she’s the only one to be able to find it as she has to ability to feel things when she touches artifacts.  She finds a knife that shows her the death of not only her father, but also of her grandmother, Rhiannon.

You find that Xavier is alive and is in league with the vampires and they have been using Natalya to defeat the Carpathians.  Now that she connects with Vikirnoff, things start to change and she starts to fill in the blanks of her memories.

So this story is filled with so much information.  All wrapped up in personality battle that happens between Natalya and Vikirnoff.  They spar off of each other for several chapters and then they realize that they do care for each other and rely up on each other.

And that includes sexy scenes as well.  And there are several of them with many details in each.  I found it to be too much and ended up doing some skipping.

And at the end of this book, there’s a battle with one of the Malinov brothers.  Maxim is defeated along with a bunch of him minions.  

But not without many injuries wrought by the good guys.

Many characters show up and they sustain some heavy injuries but are victorious in the end.

And that leads us into the next book which is a bit different.  Book 17, Dark Celebration, is a Christmas story where all the characters come together!  Check it out!!

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