Forever Buckhorn

Originally Published: 08-12-2020

Forever Buckhorn is the 2011 Paperback Edition of the 2nd two books in the Buckhorn Brothers Series by Lori Foster.  

The names of these books are the names of the main characters in this series.  But you’ll find that, in order to reissue these books, they were reissued as double stories and published with a different name!

You’ll also find that there’re collection sets with several of the books in each collection.

I’ve included as many book covers for each book as I’ve been able to find!

Gabe – book 3

Book Details

Here’re the book covers for book 3, Gabe.

You can tell by the type of cover when and why it was published!

You’ll find that this book is not a long book with only 224 pages.  When doubled up with the book, Jordan, it makes for a good sized book.

It’s also classified as a contemporary romance as well as a family saga fiction, according to Amazon.  It was originally published in 2000 under Harlequin Temptation.

I found that this story had too many sexy scenes to make it an interesting story.  And because it’s not a long book, you miss out on a bit.

But the story is a fun, entertaining story.

Book Summary

Gabe and his brothers are well known and liked in this small community called Buckhorn.  And because of that, they get to know lots of people and are involved in many things.

And they also like to help out with anyone that might need help.

And that’s the epitome of who and what Gabe’s character is.  He’s a consummate flirt and an all around good guy that loves the ladies.

So when Elizabeth Parks asks to interview him, he’s actually a little put off by what she’s asking him to do.

Elizabeth is as focused and directed as Gabe is not.

And in order to get her to loosen up, he makes a bargain with her.  For every question she has, he gets a kiss.

As he gets to know her, he finds that she’s fascinating and unexpected, and he can’t stop thinking about her.  And that brings in a lot of sexual language with the chemistry between them is off the charts right from the beginning.

But in the end, he’s able to get past her defenses and of course they fall in love.

And the story ends with them 

Jordan – book 4

Jordan’s story picks up after Gabe is actually married and on to wedded bliss!!

I would actually call this one a love-at-first-sight type story.

Cuz the first time Jordan sees Georgia Barnes, he’s sunk!

Book Details

This story is very similar in style and content as Gabe’s story.  They move fast in their relationship and courtship.  And Jordan falls for Georgia pretty just as fast as Gabe fell for Elizabeth.

But there’re also subtle differences too.  

Jordan tries very hard to have his heart rule his body as Georgia has two young children and he doesn’t want to hurt them either.

But when he sees the predicament that she’s in and what she faced with, the whole family steps in to be her surrogate family.

Book Summary

As a prominent member of the community, Jordan and a few others know that they need to get the bar just across the county line to realize the dangers of letting the drunken leave drunk.  It’s causing too much chaos in Buckhorn.

But it takes only one look for Jordan to be completely gobsmacked when he sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen do a seductive dance.  And when another tries to grab her, he steps in to try to defend her.

What follows then is a story of Jordan getting to know not only Georgia but also her kids and her mother.  And the story he finds out is one of courage and strength from one so young.

And as he gets to know her, he as well as his family, helps her to be completely welcomed and accepted into the little community of Buckhorn.

And because he doesn’t like her dancing for lecherous men, he also helps her to find a different way to earn money to support herself and her family.

And in the end he also convinces her that he’s a man that she can actually rely upon and make a life with.

Conclusion of both books!!

Both these stories were short enough to pull off in an evening.  And they were entertaining and fun. There’s no difficult plotline to worry about or wondering what’s going to happen.

Which can be nice to read, a fun, charming short story to keep you entertained for a minute.

Are these stories that I would read again and again?  No.  But I did enjoy reading about a strong family that worked together in love and joy!

The next story in this series is all about Casey, Sawyer’s son, now a young man.  Check out The Buckhorn Legacy, or Casey!!

Because there’s so many different book covers for this series, doing a series picture was rather difficult. 

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