My Kind of Christmas

Originally Published: 02-12-2018

My Kind of Christmas is the 20th and final book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

Book Summary

This one is about Jack’s neice Angie LeCroix and the youngest Riordan, Patrick.

They both come to Virgin River to take stock of their lives.  Patrick just lost his best friend and wingman, Jake.  And Angie is finally back on her own feet after a horrific accident that almost left her dead.  So not only do they have some healing to do, they are also dealing with their own PTSD.

So the majority of the story is them getting to know each other.  Them sharing their story.  It’s touching and sweet.  

Because Angie is Jack’s niece,  you get to know the Sheridan side of the family.

You see how Jack and Mel are doing and what they are up to.  You get to see into Jack’s personality again too.  He’s a wonderfully, overprotective uncle that has to warm up to the idea that his niece is actually old enough to be in a relationship.

Angie has an overbearing but devoted mother, who happens to be Jack’s older sister, and who helped nurse her back to health after her accident.  And she can’t understand why Angie needs time away from her!!! 

You find out that Brie was a big part of Angie’s life and what role she played. You also get to know her grandfather, Sam Sheridan.

So throughout the story, you hear about the Sheridan family.  And all the wonderful personalities that are there. 

As Angie and Patrick’s love life heats up and takes on new dimensions, RC takes the time to recount quite a few of the stories that encompass the Virgin River Series.  And she does a pretty good job at making sure all those details are pretty accurate!!  A nice thing for a reader to read.

And of course, there’s issues that has to be dealt with in this book.

Because of Angie’s accident, she is taking a leave from medical school.  Much to the dismay of her mother.  But she doesn’t know if she wants to be a doctor or not.  She’s thinking of other options.  But while she is in Virgin River, she takes it upon herself to become a little girl’s champion.  She’s instrumental in getting this young girl the plastic surgery she needs after a terrible accident left her scarred.

And Paddy, he feels obligated to take care of Jake’s widow, Marie.  So for the whole story, Paddy is reminiscing about Jake and how he has be there for Marie.  It’s only at the very end of the book that Paddy figures things out that he doesn’t have to marry Marie to be there for her.

And because Paddy is the youngest of the Riordan brothers, you see a glimpse into ColinAiden, Sean, Luke and their amazing wives!!

There are a couple of sex scenes that you should watch for.  A little bit detailed but not crude.  They fit with the story.  And not every time are there details.

The romance between Patrick and Angie is tender and sweet.  They get to know each other in a variety of situations that let them see what each is like. It’s a cute story.  Definitely worth reading.

I am sad to see this series close!!  But I’m sure it had to at some point.  

The last scene in this book is a nice one with all the main characters present for a Christmas feast!!

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