Ryder’s Wife

Originally Published: 11-12-2018

Ryder’s Wife is the 1st book in the Justice Way Series by Sharon Sala.

Book Summary

This book series is about three brothers, this story being about Ryder.

But you don’t find out that he has brothers till closer to the end of the book.

This story was published in 1997, so you will find that this story is not as well written as her more recent books.  But it’s still enjoyable.

This story is more centered around Ryder’s wife, hence the name of the book.

Casey Ruben is a woman on a mission, a mission to thwart her grandfather’s wishes that were a part of his will.

You see, she must find a husband within 48 hours of the reading of the will, or she will lose the reigns of the empire that her grandfather built and whom she’s been groomed to take over.

Casey takes it upon herself to find a willing participant from a dive bar and offers him marriage.

And that’s where Ryder comes into the story.  He’s basically run away from home because of the guilt that he feels.

So he takes Casey up on her offer, knowing that it’ll give him some direction after losing his way.

Now, I found the story to be written differently.  You’ll find that there is very little background information given regarding Ryder’s past and what has brought him to Ruben Crossing.

We get pieces of info where we know he’s not a bum living on the street, and that he actually just might have money.  But we don’t find out who he is or where he’s come from until half way thru the novel.

I found that this story to be not as long as regular novels.  It is an easy read and can be finished in a very short period of time.

So Casey offers him a job and they start to get to know each other.  And he becomes her advocate and protector.  She has a family that would bury her if they could.

Ryder becomes the person that she needed, though she didn’t realize she did.  And Casey fills a void that he has as well.

And then we find out more about Ryder.  Ryder left home because he’s guilt ridden by the death of his father as he’s feel like he’s the one to blame as he was the one flying the plane that crashed.  He was the one flying the plane.

So throughout the storyline, Ryder fights with survivors guilt.  He was close with his father and he doesn’t know how to face life without him.

As he and Casey get to know each other, they fall for each other.  There are sexy scenes but they don’t all have details in each of them and they don’t have a lot of details within each.  Keep in mind that this book was first published in 1997.  They included some details but not all.

Of course, they come to a climax in the story and that includes an issue between them as well someone is after Casey.  She gets kidnapped by one that wants what she has.

And this is where the story ties in with the other books in this series.  Ryder calls in his private investigator brother Roman to come and help him to find his wife.  We are introduced to not only Roman but also Royal and his sweet little daughter who play a part in the 2nd and 3rd book in this series.

And they find Casey, find out who took her and then save the day!!  And it does end happily ever after with Ryder staying in Ruben Crossing and starting there.

Even though it was written ages ago, and is an example of Sharon Sala’s older writing, it’s still a fun, easy read that is enjoyable to read.  I’ll definitely look for book 2, Roman’s Heart, and book 3, Royal’s Child, where we find out more about the brothers and what happens with them!!

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