Darkfire Kiss

Originally Published: 10-13-2017

Book Summary

Darkfire Kiss is the 6th book in the Dragonfire Series by Deborah Cooke!

This is the story where Rafferty gets his firestorm.  He is the romantic of the bunch and has been in favor of the firestorm and making a long term commitment with the couples right from the beginning.  So for Rafferty to get his firestorm is a big thing.

And the fact that his is the darkfire firestorm is an even bigger thing!!!

But things don’t happen the same with this story than in the others.

Rafferty meets Melissa before the eclipse that signals the firestorm and has an explosive night with her!!

But when he finds out that she’s a reporter and has leaked some pictures of them, he is beyond furious.

So this story starts out a bit different.  But as they get to know each other, they find out that they are fighting for the same thing.

They both want to bring down Magnus Montmorency.  Magnus is the leader of the Slayers and the arch enemy of Rafferty.  And Magnus killed a friend of Melissa’s.

So instead of becoming enemies, they decide to becomes allies.

And it’s while they are fighting to take down Magnus that they get to know each other.  

And this is where this story is a bit different.  Instead of being able to have a child with the firestorm, their firestorm is for another reason.

They are brought together not only to expose the Pyr to the world, but to do it in such a way that they are not seen as the enemy.  

So by the end, Erik is convinced to let humans see them in their dragon form.  And the Pyr are now on a different era.

The story is a good one.  Definitely interesting.  I like how the storyline is evolving and changing.  And Deborah Cooke does a good job of making it all go smoothly.

Definitely worth going and checking out the rest of the series!!

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