Dark Melody

Originally Published: 06-26-2018

Book Summary

Dark Melody is the 12th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

You will find, though, this book is labeled as book 10 on Goodreads.  She has it listed as book 12.

This book brings us the last member of the Dark Troubadoors.  Dayan is the final member that must find his lifemate.  And because all the others have found theirs, he has been spending time alone as their company is hard to handle!!

He’s been traveling with Cullen Tucker.  If you remember, he was the one human that worked for the society that was trying to capture and kill them, only he warned them instead.  So that put Cullen’s life in danger and he went with Dayan for protection and to keep Dayan in line as well.

As Dayan is a musician, he plays at some little dives along the way.  And it’s at this one bar, that he finally hears his lifemate’s voice.  But he also hears something else that causes him great concern.

Because the Dark Troubadoors are a band and have been playing many centuries, some of their stuff has been actually recorded.  And it’s those recordings that Corrine Wentworth has bought despite the great expense.

She feels compelled to hear him and hopefully meet him.

And that’s when they both end up at the same bar.  Between Dayan and Cullen, they find her and her sister-in-law, Lisa.

And that’s when he notices that she has some issues that make this story different than the others.

You see, Corrine has a bad heart.  And because of it, she’s dying.  She also happens to be pregnant.

So because of both those things, Dayan cannot convert her and bring her into his world.  So for the majority of the story, it’s them getting to know each other while he helps her to actually stay alive.

So you won’t find a sexy scene until the last 100 pages of the book.  And just like the other stories, they do have details that you need to be aware of.

Because her health is so precarious, he calls in his brother Darius and asks for his help.  They also call in Gregori and Shea.  And that brings in all their lifemates as well.

So this story has a bunch of the characters from the previous stories.

Darius and Tempest, Barak and Syndil, Gregori and Savannah, Shea and Jacques. 

With Gregori, the greatest healer and Shea who’s a research scientist and doctor, they fight to not only save Corrine but also to save the child that she’s carrying.

She’s carrying a beautiful little girl, whom they name Jennifer, who’s a psychic just like her mother.  Both of them need to be saved.

So for a chunk of the story, all of them are doing what they can to save not only Corrine but also her baby.

It’s filled with beautiful language and sensual words that pull at your heart strings and make you feel right along with the characters.

It’s fun to see how the others are doing and how far the background plot is moving along.  

I found that they book is called Dark Melody because Dayan is a musician and always has music running through his head.  Then when he finds Corrine, and knows that she’s a songwriter too, their music becomes even more.

This is a good story.  It’s tender and touching instead of being filled with sexy scenes.  Definitely worth reading again and again!

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