Wild Cowboy Ways

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Wild Cowboy Ways is the 1st book in the Lucky Penny Ranch Series.

This series is about 3 men (2 brothers and a cousin) that buy up the Lucky Penny Ranch and are determined to make it profitable.

Blake and Toby Dawson with their cousin Jud Dawson.

This series is also about the 3 sisters that fall for these men!  Allie, Lizzy and Fiona Logan.

Wild Cowboy Ways is Blake’s and Allie’s story.

The book is called Wild Cowboy Ways because was a wild cowboy.  A wild cowboy that was with a different lady every weekend.  

So when Allie starts working for him (she’s a carpenter), she knows to keep her distance.

And at first she does.  But as she gets to know  him while working on his ranch house, she starts to like him and enjoys being around him.

There are also other characters that play a big part of the storyline. 

Deke is Allie’s best friend and the guy that comes to help her when she does bigger jobs – like fixing Blake’s roof.

And there’s Granny.  She is quite the character.  Granny has Dementia and is slowly loosing her memories.  And it’s funny all the crazy things she does throughout the whole story.  Allie and her sisters with their mother Katy have been taking care of their Granny.  She’s quite the character with her gallivanting all over the place and the swearing she does!!

Throughout the story, Allie is told that she shouldn’t fall for a cowboy that can’t tame his wild ways.  At first Allie listens, but in the end she takes a chance and finds that he might be the one after all.

Of course, there’s bumps along the road, it’s a romance, but in the end they decide that they do love each other and they live happily ever after.

The sex scenes are there but they’re not crude nor really detailed.  They are more skimmed over but you do know they’ve done it.

All of the sisters play a part in this story.  Lizzy is engaged to a preacher that nobody likes, especially Granny and she’s vocal about it.  Fiona is less of a character in this book but she does call a time or two.  Katy, the mom, is right there helping with Granny.

Allie and Blake get married right at the end of the book and Lizzy’s preacher finds another woman so she’s heartbroken.

And that flows right into book 2. 

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