The Way to Yesterday

Originally Published: 07-29-2020

The Way to Yesterday by Sharon Sala looks like it might be a stand-alone novel in that there is no connecting story or book that it belongs with.

I found that it might be a part of a miniseries called A Year of Loving Dangerously as well as an anthology with another story, also by Sharon Sala.

Book Details

The Way to Yesterday is a complete stand-alone novel meaning that you can read it alone and not have to worry about finding add’l books that follow it.

But you’ll also find that it might belong to a miniseries.  But because this miniseries was published years ago, the series was by several authors and don’t have any connection to each other.

Amazon tell us that this series is “where passion rules and nothing is what it seems…” (Amazon).  

I also found this book in an anthology with this cover with another of Sharon Sala’s awesome stories!!

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You’ll find it’s classified as contemporary romance as well as “family life”.

The content of this book does have a bit of violence for what the story is about, as we also get to know the villain’s POV and what is going thru his mind.

The passion between the 2 main characters is poignant and meaningful but there’s no sexual details we need to worry about.

You can also say that this story has a bit of paranormal or even a time travel novel feeling to it as well, with the main character traveling thru time and being able to know things that she shouldn’t otherwise know.

Book Summary

This story is about Mary Faith O’Rourke and what happens to her.  Please note that Amazon and goodreads will tell you that the name of this character is Mary Ellen, but her husband calls her Mary Faith many times throughout the story (at least in the version that I listened to).

Mary Faith lives a solitary and lonely life after the tragic death of her baby daughter and her wonderful husband. 

But things take a turn for the better when she puts on an antique ring and is transported back to that fateful day when she lost those that she loved the most.

It takes her a bit to realize that she’s being given a chance to repair the memories that have always haunted her.

As she gets to know her new reality, she comes to know her husband again and the beautiful daughter that she’d lost.

She has a lot of confusion over making sense of the fact that she’s gone back to get a second chance at being with her Daniel and Hope.

I think it’s called The Way to Yesterday because it’s the journey Mary goes thru as she’s able to back to yesterday to have the people that she loves the most.

Mary comes to realize that there’s a purpose to what has happened to her.  Especially when she is abducted by a man that was showing interest in her daughter.

In a terrible twist of fate, a couple of little girls had been abducted by a twisted man and Mary got in his way.

Before she had gone “back”, she had heard about the little girls that have been abducted.  And she realized that she can be part of changing her future and the future of these little girls as well.

In the end, she comes up with a plan for them to get away.  And with the help of fate, her husband is right there to help save her.

And then we find out what she realizes and the conclusions that she comes to.  And some of them leave you to wonder in the power fate.


You’ll find that this story is not really a romance but more about the journey of Mary Faith and the things she realizes as she comes to terms with what has happened to her.

The story is very moving and poignant.  As Sharon Sala is a master storyteller and has to ability to write such stories that make us feel right along with the characters, I found myself doing that very thing.  Ranting while I was busy with life and wondering how and when they would find those little girls and what is the fate of Mary and all that she loves.

Yes, it also made me think about magic and the power of being able to go back to a fateful day and being able to change the future, not only for myself but also for many around me.

This story also makes me think about the power of love.  Mary loved Daniel so much that it seemed that she wished the ability to go back in time to change things and to actually be with them again.

I found this story on Audible and the narrator was excellent at making the characters come to life and for me to immerse myself into the storyline completely

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