Broken Dawn

Last Published: 09-21-2020

Broken Dawn is the 10th book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

Book Details

Broken Dawn brings us some brand new characters that played a very small role in other books.

This is Nick Belanger’s and Kayla Dorman’s story.

I thought this story would be the continuation of the Death of Darkness as this book follows right after.  But it’s not.

This story is about two new characters that need their own story.

Nick was a part of the group that defeated Gershom.

This story follows in timeline just a few weeks after they defeated Gershom on that military base.

Please note that you have to read carefully to be able to remember this series as there’re a ton of characters and a complicated plot line that is so interesting and compelling.

Nick is partnered with Eliana.  She’s another immortal guardian who’s a warrior all her own.  She actually gets her own story in Duvall’s new series, The Aldebarian Alliance.  When we find book 2, The Segonian, we’ll read her story.

Nick and Eliana have been partners for several years but they’re not love interests.  Instead Nick has been in love with his next door neighbor for just as long.  And because he is, they have a fun, teasing relationship.

But the neighbor, Kayla, thinks they are a couple and makes no moves towards Nick.

It’s only after a severe car accident that Nick actually steps in and reveals who he is and why.

So this story fits right along with the rest of the Immortal Guardian series, while adding a fun story to the mix.

This is a full length novel with no cliffhanger.  And I found it to be similar in structure as the most of the stories from this series.

Book Summary

Nick and Kayla dance around each other while being good neighbors for the first part of the story.  Then she’s in a terrible car accident that leaves her almost dead.

Nick comes to her rescue but so does Seth, telling both of them that she’s a Gifted One and that she can be transformed if she wants to.

So she’s thrown into his world quickly and effectively.  And bombarded with a ton of new information that she has to deal with.

And to help the story along, there’s a plot alongside this romance.

While at the hospital Nick runs into someone that he knew 60 years earlier.  Needless to say this caused a problem, especially when this someone wanted to live forever anyway and thought Nick could give that to him.

So as Nick and Kayla get to know each other and share all their secrets, this character is out to get immortality at any cost.  And that creates a whole ton of scenes where they have to deal with that as well as learning about each other too.

Kayla also a single mom and that brings in a daughter that could potentially be a new character for another book!!!

I found that in the structure of this book, it was very similar to some of the others.

There’s the meet cute, then the dilemma in age and knowledge of their species.  And after they know all they need to know, then how do they deal with it.  And if they decide to become immortal just like they are and join the fight against vampires.


Yes, the story is very similar to others, but no less enjoyable.

I was anticipating to read about the character that showed up at the last scene in Death of Darkness, but was sadly disappointed and found that to be in her new book, The Lasaran.  

But I was not disappointed in this story.  It showed that there could potentially a ton more books to this series as there were a ton of characters that showed up to that fight at the military base when they fought Gershom.

Duvall was also able to weave this story into the lives of several of the others, like Seth or Roland or Aidan.  They all played a small part in this story.  While making it that we got to know these two new characters.

I found that this story was just a fun and entertaining story about finding love right next door.

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