The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward

Originally Published: 09-20-2018

Book Series Summary

JR Ward is the author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

This paranormal romance series is about a group of men that are vampires and belong to the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

There are seven vampire men:  Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Vishous, Phury, Darius and Tohrment.  Their names are a twist on some of their skills and abilities that they each have!

Each of the vampires were created by the Scribe Virgin and the only ones that stand between the civilian population and the lessers.

The lessers are humans that have been changed by the Omega to hunt the vampires and annihilate them.

So this small group of men are the last defense that the world has against the terror that the lessers bring.

The language of these characters is at times brutal and hard.  They speak with lots of harsh and crass words along with any and all swear words used in every single way that you can think of.  Their way of speaking goes right along with their style and culture. 

And while this is hard for some readers to read, these characters in this series fit within this kind of world and what they are trying to do.

And this does include the sexy scenes as well.  Within each of the books, there are several scenes to watch out for.  At times those harsh and crass words are used within those scenes and sometimes not.  And yes they are detailed.

But the world that this author has created to fit these characters, their lifestyle fits right with it.

Now you will find that while each book focuses on one couple, each story carries all of the characters forward.  You will find that a few certain characters play a more prominent role then others as you move through the series.

So book 1 is about the king of this group.  Wrath, while he’s the king, he doesn’t want to be the king.  He doesn’t want to lead them despite their dwindling numbers.

So in book 1, Dark Lover, when Wrath meets Beth Randall, he knows that he’s going to have to change things.  And he decides that he needs to lead this small, but thrilling group.

So when you get to book 2, Lover Eternal, it picks up right after the first book.  This is an emotional story about Rhage and Mary Luce and how they must get past their insecurities to be able to see that they need each other. 

Book 3, Lover Awakened, is about Zsadist and Bella.  This story is a bit harder to read.  But still enjoyable.  Zsadist’s wounded soul will touch your heart and make you read until the very end!

Book 4, Lover Revealed, is about the only human that was welcomed into the brotherhood, Butch O’Neal and the vampire beauty Marissa.  And this brings a new dimension to the storyline where there’s a chance that the brotherhood just might succeed with the Desthroyer!

Book 5, Lover Unbound, is an exciting story about Vishous and Jane Whitcomb.  There are so many exciting and thrilling things that happen in this story, you have to read it!!

Book 6, Lover Enshrined, is about Phury and Cormia.  This story is an emotional rollercoaster of a story as we see Phury battle his demons, hit rock bottom and then learn to conquer them!

Book 7, Lover Avenged, is about Rehvenge and Ehlena.  This thrilling story where Rehv realizes that he can have the love that he desires.

Back in book 2, you meet John Matthew when Bella and Mary find him and realize that he’s a pretrans vampire.  And because he’s poor, he doesn’t know who or what he is.  But throughout each of the books since book 2, you will find part of the books is about this John.  From the storyline, we find out that John is actually Darius reincarnated. 

So when you read book 8, Lover Mine, John Matthew finally gets his story.  He’s had it out for Xhex long before this book, so when she gets taken, he makes it his personal mission to find her.  And they end up saving each other!

Book 9, Lover Unleashed, brings us Payne’s story.  Payne is Vishous’ sister that he didn’t know he had.  So you will find this story to be about both V and Payen and them both finding peace and finding what they want.

Book 10, Lover Reborn, is about Tohrment.  It’s also about No’One and Wellsie.  Tohrment must learn to love another in order to save his first love.

Book 11, Lover at Last, is about Qhuinn and Blay.

Book 12, The King, brings us more about Wrath and Beth again.

Book 13, The Shadows, is about Trez.

Book 14, The Beast, tells us more about Rhage and Mary again.

Book 15, The Chosen, is about Xcor and Layla.

Book 16, The Thief, is about Throe.

Book 17, The Savior, is about Murhder and is due to come out some time in 2019!!

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