The Color of Love

Originally Published: 10-15-2019

The Color of Love by Sharon Sala is the 5th book in the Blessings Georgia Series.

Book Summary

During the first four books in this series, you occasionally meet Ruby Dye, the lady who owns the Curl Up and Dye Salon right there in Blessings.  She and her wonderful friends are the ones that put themselves into everyone’s lives!

Now Ruby finally gets her own story.

So this story is about Ruby Dye and Peanut Butterman.  He’s the lawyer in town that has been sending secret admirer notes to Ruby.

And it’s only after she’s kidnapped and then subsequently found, that he finally declares how he feels towards Ruby.

So this story starts out with a bang.

Ruby gets kidnapped, fights for her life and ends up saving herself.  Her ex thought he could get the better of her.  I guess not!!

Peanut offers her shelter in his home.  And while there, they get to know this new avenue of their relationship.

There is one scene that has literally no details to worry about.  As a whole, there aren’t any details to worry about in this story.

This story has several stories happening all at once.

You get to know Melissa Dean and how she worked for and befriended old man Elmer Mathis.  So then you meet all the characters connected to him and his estate!

Then you meet sweet, young, but not little Charlie Convoy.  Him and his family are down on their luck and he takes it upon himself to earn some money to help him mother out.  This causes a windfall of characters to come into the storyline to help this young family who has lost everything.

Then Ruby’s past comes back to haunt her again – literally!  And then Peanut gets shot and ends up in the hospital.  Thankfully he recovers and the story ends happy, but you meet a whole bunch of characters while that happens.

So this story is about life in Blessings.  How life goes on even if terrible, horrible things happen to really good, wonderful people.

It’s also about having the power to carry on even when things get hard.

Sharon Sala does a great job of showing off her writing talents.  This story is lighter read.  There are no nefarious villains that this author is capable of creating.

You do meet some rotten characters,  though, when they try to come after Ruby and they don’t have a happy ending.

This is a fun, easy, enjoyable read.  I’m looking forward to the next book as Sharon Sala puts a teaser at the end of each story for the next one.

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Check out The Color of Love by Sharon Sala, book 5 in the Blessings Georgia Series. This clean and wholesome romance will make you smile while enjoying what life if like in Blessings, Georgia!!