Forever My Hero

Originally Published: 10-11-2019

Forever My Hero by Sharon Sala is the 7th book in the Blessings, Georgia Series.

Book Summary

You first hear about Dan and Alice in book 6 when Dan comes to Blessings to be a temp for Peanut’s law office.

He’s a gorgeous cowboy that can type and manage a law office!!  Fun!

At the end of book 6, Dan has become the resident manager for Aidan’s properties in Blessings.

In his past life, he was a lawyer and husband to his wife and son.

Now he’s alone and learning to live without them after their tragic death.

He stayed in Blessings when he knew he could find a simpler way of life.  Even with the coming of Hurricane Fanny.

Alice is a single mother with two kids.  She was literally dumped on the side of the road by her husband’s family after he blew himself up.  That’s a sad story in itself.

So Alice came to Blessings with nothing.  And the people of Blessings have sheltered and loved her and the kids.  

If you’re familiar with this series, you know that this series is just about life in Blessings, with one couple a focus of each book.

So there’s other things going on while the hero and the heroine are getting to know each other.  And that adds to the storyline and fills out the pages.

This story is the typical stuck-together-in-a-crisis story.  And this one is where Hurricane Fanny comes to Blessings.  And that makes the citizens of Blessings to hunker down for the worst.

And in this case, Dan invites Alice and her children to come to stay at his big house for shelter and safety.  He also invites Elliot!  So it’s a full house where we get to see the dynamics and fun that can happen!!

Dan and Alice were both affected by the tragedy of losing their spouses to explosions.  This is a common ground for them to connect and bond.

As the storm rages on outside, they come closer together and find love and healing.  When the storm passes, they decide to stay together.

Okay, so there’s a ton that happens along the way, but it’s an entertaining story that is sure to keep you pinned!!

We not only see growth and change in the main characters but we also see some growth in some of the other characters.

Yes, the story does end happy!  And they find love.

It’s a great addition to this series.  Check it out!

This series continues in A Rainbow Above Us, book 8.

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