Harmonia’s Kiss

Originally Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Harmonia’s Kiss by Deborah Cooke is a novella that is book 6.5 in the Dragonfire Series.

This is a short story about the tale of the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors and their search for their lost past and how Veronica helps Drake to look deeper and find their past without loosing themselves.

So this isn’t a romance story at all.  It’s just an addin story about Drake.

He is the leader of the Dragon Tooth Warriors.

The Dragon’s Teeth Warriors first appeared in the Dragonfire Series in book 4, Winter Kiss.  And now you get to know them a bit better.

The warriors are an elite group that formed a millenia ago.  And together they help the Pyr to fight against the Slayers.

This is their story.

Drake feels that they need to confront his past and find some things out.  After he seeks permission from Erik (book 3), the leader of the Pyr, they head out.

As they reach their destination, they feel a great despondency that engulfs them.  It’s only after his encounter with Veronica and her desperate plea for help does he realize what is happening and who might be invoved.

He chooses to take her plight upon himself and find out what happened to her husband.

And after he starts digging and researching does he find that not only is the one that took her husband, but he is the one that they thought they had defeated many centuries before.

Their rival had not only survived but had thrived but he was bringing down all those that were on his side.

Drake takes it upon himself to defeat this foe.

But he gives his warriors the choice.  They can come and serve with him or they can go their own way.

While many of the warriors leave, just as many stay.  But it is only a few that help Drake to finally defeat Cadmus.

And finally Drake is finally able to give Veronica and her young son the fate of her husband.

So this is just a short story that is between book 4 and book 5.  Doesn’t really have any connection to the other stories.  You do see a few characters in it but not many.

You certainly don’t have to read it to know anything for the series.  It’s just a short simple read.

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