A Wallflower’s Wish Series by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison

Originally Published: 12-08-2020

Book Series Summary

The Wallflower’s Wish Series is a sweet romance series written by two authors, Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison.

This whole series is a sweet and clean romance based in the Regency era so the customs, mannerisms and language of the characters are reminiscent of that era.

You’ll find that each book is the size of a novella but is not classified as one.

Each book follows the same basic pattern, where the hero meets the heroine, finds that she might the one, but then has reservations, both external and internal ones, and that keeps them apart.  Then they realize the error of their ways and confess their love.

Because each story is less than 200 pages long, the plot happens quickly without a whole lot of fluff in the story.

This series is about a small group of friends that are considered wallflowers amongst the ‘ton.  They’re unpopular for one reason or another and remain on the sidelines of the season’s activities until now. 

Each of the wallflower’s have a wish, to find the one that they’ll be with for forever, hence the name of the series.

You’ll find that each book overlaps in timeframe and some scenes.  But you don’t know that until you’ve read book 2 and into book 3.  They all find their “one” during one particular party during the season.  This party then becomes known as the wallflower’s party.  

The stories are then each in the POV of the main character with overlapping scenes that are pertinent to each character.

That is until you get to book 4.  This book is after and is about the wedding of Max and Marigold while being about Sarah as well.

Book 1, A Duke for Miss Daisy, is a story about Daisy.  She’s been in love with the Duke of Dolan for as long as she can remember.  But when she actually gets to know him, he’s not what she expected.

Book 2, A Lord for Miss Lily, is Laura’s story.  Now known as Lily, she’s a wallflower by choice and circumstance.

Book 3, A Marquess for Miss Marigold, is actually Mary.  She literally falls into the Marquess’ lap and things change for her dramatically.

Book 4, ‘Tis the Season for Lady Sarah, is a little different.  She’s not one of the wallflower ladies, but she is the Marquess’ sister.  She gets her own story!!

Book 5, A Hero for Lady Abigail, is about Abigail, Lily’s nemesis.  She gets her own story too.  This book doesn’t come out till March 2021.

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