Sweet Nothings

Originally Published: 05-03-2018

Book Summary

Sweet Nothings is the 3rd book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This is also called the Coulter Family Series because this series is about the three different families that are all tied together.  Go back to the series page for more details.

This story is connected to book 1 and book 2 in that Jake Coulter is Bethany’s brother (book 2).

Jake is a rancher that just bought back the family land and he’s also a horse trainer.

So when Molly shows up with a horse that’s been whipped, he can do nothing but help her.

In exchange for helping with the stallion, Sunset, he offers her a job being the cook and housekeeper in his small but growing business.

Jake doesn’t like being called a horse whisperer, but that’s what he does.  He has the patience and skill to retrain a horse that has has been badly beaten.

He also has the patience to show Molly what it means to truly love.

So what follows is a story of loving another with enough patience and kindness and love to see them heal and grow.  Not only for the horse but also for Molly.

Molly had taken the horse from her ex-husband when she found out that he had whipped him for losing a race.  Against all odds and at great risk, she takes Sunset to Jake.

Molly was also beaten and abused, if not physically, definitely emotionally.  She comes with a whole load of issues that have to be worked through.

So the storyline is about Jake helping Molly to heal the hurts that Sunset has but also to heal the pain that is inside her.  There’s a lot of reconstructive thinking that happens throughout the storyline.  Molly has to heal in order to move on and find love with Jake.

And Jake is her appointed knight in shining armor!!  Okay, I will admit that he falls for her pretty fast.  But it’s still sweet and endearing.

The story is tastefully done.  You can tell that there is research done is the matter of abuse and how to heal from it with the steps needed.

There are several sexy scenes to deal with, with only one being detailed enough to skip pages.

This story is poignant and touching.  Catherine Anderson has the ability in her writing to make you feel what the characters are feeling.  So when Molly’s past comes back to haunt her, you get just as wound up as she did.  Or when you feel of the love that Jake has for her, you want to shout for joy as well.  Or when you read what Molly is feeling and how low she felt, you want to cry along with her.

While you can read this story alone, there’s no cliffhanger to worry about.  And also get a very small glimps into the characters lives that are already a part of this series in how they have moved on and have grown.

Here’s the first book cover for this book:

I really enjoyed this story.  I always enjoy a book that makes me feel right along with the characters!

So if you’re looking for a story that will make you cry, or one that will make you so frustrated you could scream or one that will have you shouting for joy at the end, this is definitely worth reading!

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