Sea Glass Sunrise

Originally Published: 06-04-2018

Book Summary

Sea Glass Sunrise by Donna Kauffman is the first book in the The Brides of Blueberry Cove.

This series is closely connected the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove.

As this series is about the three McCrae sisters, they are sisters to Logan McCrae in book 1, Pelican Point.

This story is about Hannah McCrae.  She’s come home for Logan’s and Alex’s wedding but she’s also come home to lick her wounds.

When Hannah gets home to Blueberry Cove, she literally crashes into Calder Blue!!

Calder has come to Blueberry Cove to check out a contracting job that could be lucrative.  The only problem is it’s with Jonas Blue, a distant relative of his.

You see, there’s a whole bunch of history that has happened not only in Blueberry Cove but also within the Blue family.

And that history adds a huge amount of depth to the storyline.  Calder visits several residents of this little town to find out the history of the place.  So you find out the history but you also meet a ton of characters of the story.

This makes for a rich storyline filled with details.  

As Calder chats around town, him and Hannah get to know each other.  And they find that each other fills a piece of themselves that the other really needed.

And they explore the intense feelings that they feel for each other.  And that includes intimacy.  There are several scenes to worry about, filled with details but not as many as other stories.

Things happen for them to really see each for who they are and for who they are trying to be.

It’s a sweet story.

In the end, Calder is called home because his father has had a massive stroke.  And then he can’t stop thinking about her despite the fact that his life is up in complete turmoil.

But when she shows up telling him about the things that have been happening in Blueberry Cove, he has to tell her how he feels.

So while it does end happy, with them deciding to be together, none of their lives are figured out.

And then that takes us to book 2, Snowflake Bay.  

Check it out!

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