Dark Gold

Originally Published: 06-25-2018

Book Summary

Dark Gold by Christine Feehan is the 3rd book in the Dark Series.

This book has actually quite a few book covers that you can find on Goodreads!  Check out the few that I’ve added here.

This brings us Aiden Savage and Alexandria Houton’s story.

This story takes us away from the Carpathian Mountains to San Francisco, USA!!

So this story doesn’t have any of the other characters, that we’ve already met,  in the first half of the storyline.

And this one starts out a bit different.

Alexandria Houton is the older sister and caretaker to her younger brother, Joshua.  He’s a percocious 6 year old.

She’s been taking care of him since their parents were killed and when she hears about a dream job, she must apply for it.

But when she’s sitting meeting her new employer, she senses something much more sinister outside.

As she’s pyschic and can sense things.  So when she hears a demented voice calling her, she’s frightened.  But because she must take care of Joshua, she faces the vampire.

So in this story, the herione, Alex, is partially converted by the vampire.  The vampire wants to convert her so that she will rule with him.  Alex resists as long as she can.

This is where Aiden shows up.  He’s the hunter looking for the vampire and when he sees Alex, he thinks she is a vampiress wanting the young boy.  So he takes her blood as well.

And that is when he realizes that she’s his lifemate and the beginning of the story.

Because she exchanged blood several times already, and then Aiden comes and takes even more blood, she’s already starting the conversion process.  She’s thrown into a world that she doesn’t understand.

What then follows is a get-to-know-you type of romance story.

Aiden must teach her Carpathian ways and Alex must adapt while still being able to retain some of her self.

Of course, they each have personal traits that make it difficult to really connect.  She is determined to be human for as long as she can.  And he is old-fashioned and can’t seem to adjust at the beginning.

So this story follows the same pattern as the others. 

They have to adjust to being together while adjusting to changing the way of life as she knows it.

This particular book is called Dark Gold because Aiden has golden features.  His golden mane to his golden eyes!!  And they are referenced throughout the storyline.

There are several sexy scenes that you do have to watch out for. Like most of this series, their sex life is an intricate part of their connecting. 

As part of the ritual that makes him not succumb to the dark side, they must consumate their union and Christine Feehan writes sensual and beautifully written scenes.  She alone has an unique talent in being able to write these.

And because the intimate side of their union is essential, there are several in the book.

Just like the rest of this series, this book is beautifully written and the storyline is intriguing and interesting.

Now while this book brings the characters to America, it forwards the background plot only a little.  While these characters are essential to the whole story, this book is really a bridge to bring the story to America, making the vampires and Carpathians alike branching out from the Carpathian Mountains.

Out of all the characters that we have met so far, only Gregori made an appearance in this particular book.  None of the others did.

This is still a book worth reading.  The whole series is!

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