Silvertip Shifters Series by JK Harper

Originally Published: 05-09-2019

Book Series Summary

The Silvertip Shifters Series by JK Harper is a paranormal romance series that is closely connected to the Black Mesa Wolves Series by the same author.

The Black Mesa Wolves Series are about, you guessed it, about wolves!  They live close Deep Hallow, so as the author put it, they were bound to crossover.

The Silvertip Shifters are a group of shifters that just happen to be bears that live in Deep Hallow and have Silvertip Lodge, where they cater to any and all shifters and give them a place that they can come to to be their true selves.

This series is about the Walker family who are also a bear shifters.  We only meet and get to know the five boys as the parents are gone on a year-long honeymoon for the majority of the storyline!!

Book 1, Hunter’s Moon, is a novella, even though it’s not classified as one.  This story is about Quentin and Abby.  This is the story that is the crossover story that brings the wolves and the bears together.  Why?  Because Abby is a wolf and Quentin is a shifter bear!! 

Book 2, Mountain Bear’s Baby, brings us a cute story about Jessie and Shane coming back to each other.  And them becoming a family with adorable little Grant!!

Book 3, Rescue Bear: Cortez, is about Cortez and Haley.  And how as  they rescue themselves, they have the support and love from each other.

Book 4, Ranger Bear: Riley, is about Riley and Marisa.  This one is a tender story of not only healing but also of finishing their own stories and being able to move on.

Book 5, Hotshot Bear: Slade, came out in June 2019.

Book 6, Superstar Bear: Bodhi, is about the one Walker brother that isn’t mentioned very often, if at all!!! 

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