The Homecoming

Originally Published: 02-12-2018

The Homecoming by Robyn Carr is the 6th book in the Thunder Point Series.

Book Summary

This story picks up after the events of book 5, and brings in new characters.

Seth Sileski grew up in Thunder Point and is now back to serve the community. 

He’s a cop, taking over for Mac, whose been the main sheriff since the beginning of the series.

And he’s come back to win the heart of the girl that he left behind.  That’s Iris McKinley.  She used to own the flower shop and is now the school counselor.  She’s determined to help the kids in any way she can.

Oh, by the way she sold the flower shop to Grace Dillon.  Grace gets her story in book 7, One Wish. So there’s more to that story.  You do get to know Grace a little bit, not like when you read her story though.

Seth has his work cut out for him to winning over Iris.  Iris has a real hate-on for Seth.  He hurt her, badly.  But what’s sad is that he doesn’t remember what he did.

So you get to know Seth and Iris and who they were as children and who they have become.  And as you get to know them and their thoughts and their choices, you see them as real people and become their friends.

But Seth has to completely win her over, with romantic gestures that will prove to her that she will not get hurt again like she did before.

Of course, each of the characeters have issues to deal with and they come into the plot line.  And each of them has to deal with things as they grow.

Then there’s the other characters that come into play as well.

You meet Seth’s mom and how she has always wanted Seth and Iris to get together.

And you meet Sassy (Sue Marie).  She’s Seth’s high school girlfriend. 

And then Iris and Spencer (book 3) find some abuse happening at school.  And it happens to be with Sassy’s daughter.

And that brings in Robbie Delaney.  He’s married to Sue Marie and went to high school with Iris and Seth.  

So this is a huge chunck of the plotline.  And you see how the characters learn and grow through all these difficult things that happen to not only them but also the community and how they have to pull together.

And right at the end, Troy Headly saves the day!! And he gets his own story in book 7 with Grace!!

So while this story is focused on Seth and Iris, you also get to know other characters.  You see the community grow and evolve.  Just like life!

Yes, there’s a sexy scene to watch for, but there’s not lots of details in it and Robyn Carr doesn’t use crude words for it so it’s tastefully done.

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