The Wanderer

Originally Published: 02-13-2018

The Wanderer is the 1st book in the Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carr.

Book Summary

This book has a new book cover that came out Jan 2018.

This is a great new beginning to a new series.  But the characters are not all completely new.

The main character of this book is Hank Cooper.  And you first meet him in Sunrise Point, book 19 of the Virgin River Series.  Hank Cooper is mostly called Cooper and is friends with Ben Bailey and Luke Riordan (book 6 of the Virgin River Series).

He comes to Thunder Point, Oregon, because his friend Ben is dead and he wants to know why.

So while this story is definitely about Cooper, it’s also about the wonderful characters of the Thunder Point.

And there’re a lot of characters that are intruduced.

First, there’s Landon.  He is the younger brother of Sarah Dupre.  She has been taking care of him since their parents were killed.

Sarah gets into Cooper’s face when he shows an interest in Landon.  A strange way to start a romance, but that’s what happens.  Cooper gets to know Sarah and sparks fly.

But what Sarah doesn’t know is that Landon is being bullied by one of the boys at school and Cooper was there to help.

There’s also Gina and Mac.  They have been best friends and secretly in love with each other.  Gina works at the town diner and knows everyone.  Mac is the town deputy.  And they decide that they are better together than apart.

Gina has one daughter, Ashley.  And a mother, Carrie, that she’s been living with to raise Ashley.

Mac has three children, Eve, Ryan, and Dee Dee.  And Aunt Lou has been helping him raise them.

When Cooper comes to Thunder Point, he finds that Ben left him the bait shop on the beach front property.  There he meets Rawley, an old codger that helped Ben out.

This is certainly not all the wonderful characters that come into this series, but this shows that there’s a lot going on during this series.

This book is a full length novel with no cliffhangers.  There are 2.5 sexy scenes that you need to be aware of.  They are mild in intensity. 

Overall, the story is well written, characters well crafted and it’s an interesting and enchanting storyline.  Definitely a series to check out!!

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