Dark Crime

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Book Summary

Dark Crime is the 27th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This book is also a novella, so it’s not as long as the other books.  You will find that this story follows the same pattern as the rest of the series but because it’s a novella, there isn’t all of the flowery words that she uses to add to the storyline.

This book was originally published in the Anthology Edge of Darkness.  Look to the cover below!  But then Christine Feehan gave it its own book cover and published it only as a Kindle.

This story brings us some brand new characters and has some of the older ones come to light again.

Maksim Volkov and Blaze McGuire find each other just when she’s about to sacrifice herself to the men that murdered her father.

He convinces her that they need to work together to take the men down.

What they find instead is a massive underground movement led by the last two Malinov brothers, Vadim and Sergey.

They somehow acquired the two splinters that were from Xavier and have moved their headquarters away from the Carpathian Mountains.

Maksim is business partners and friends with Tariq Asenguard.  He gets his own book in book 30, Dark Carousel.

Plus the ancient warriors, triplets, Tomas, Mataias, and Lojos make an appearance in this book.  They still don’t have their own stories yet, but with the way Christine Feehan’s writing these books, it’s only a matter of time.

So Blaze and her best friend Emeline have been targeted by the vampires.  When Blaze calls Maksim, and tells him what she’s doing, he then knows that she’s his lifemate.

And of course, he helps her.

What they didn’t plan on what the web of evil they would uncover.

Now Emeline gets her own story when you read book 31, Dark Legacy.

So while this book doesn’t feel like it’s linked to the other stories, not like Dark Lycan, Dark Wolf, and Dark Blood were connected.  You will find that there are several overlapping characters.

Now this story is a bit different. 

Blaze is determined to find the men that killed her father and she’s determined to kill him.  Hence the reason why this book is called Dark Crime.

And in the end, Maksim helps because he knows that the men that did kill her father are truly evil and they are also the vampires minions.  And that they need to be destroyed.

Emeline also plays a role in figuring out things as she’s a powerful psychic that Vadim was determined to capture as he thinks she’s the one that he thinks he can impregnate. 

So this short novella is actually filled with a ton of leading information that leads to several more books.

You will also find that this short book also has several sexy scenes that are very detailed.  You can skip over them and not miss the plotline if needed.

It will be interesting to see how the book is related to the rest of the series, because being a novella, usually they don’t have loads of info to carry forward.  But this one does!!

The next book in the series is Dark Ghost, book 28.  That one is about Andre and Teagan.

But if you head on to book 30, Dark Carousel, you can find out Tariq’s story and book 31, Dark Legacy is Emeline’s story!!

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