Dark Peril

Originally Published: 07-20-2018

Book Summary

Dark Peril is the 21st book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is the story of Dominic Dragonseeker and Solange Sangria.

If you remember, Dominic’s the ancient Dragonseeker warrior that purposefully ingested the tainted vampire blood so that he could infiltrate the enemy and find out their plans.

Solange is the jaguar-born and of royal blood.  She’s also the one that’s attacking the men that keep taking the women and abusing and impregnating them.

This one starts out a bit different with them sensing the other and dreaming about each other long before they ever met, not realizing that their dreams were actually them in dream form. 

And it’s during a moment of weakness that they finally come to know that they are lifemates.

But due to the fact that he ingested the parasites, he knows that he can’t claim her.

That is until he finds out a whole bunch more about who Solange is.  This encourages him that they just might have a chance at a life together.  Now they just have to figure out how to make it work.

There’s a scene in this book that ties it directly with the next book.

Because Dominic has come to South America, right near the rainforest, this is the De La Cruz’s domain.  They guard the countries here against the Malinov brothers.

And it’s also where the Malinov brothers have set up their own headquarters right near the De La Cruz brothers.  Kind of like a slap in the face to be so close.

But it puts Dominic in close quarters to the De La Cruz brothers.  And in this case, Zacarias fights with him in a battle with a vampire named Etienne.  This is when Etienne slashes a young woman’s throat causing irreparable damage.

This happens to be Zacarias’ lifemate Marguarita, although they don’t figure it out until the next book, book 22, Dark Predator!

In this book, Zacarias goes to ground as he’s very close to turning and had needed Solange’s blood to aid him from turning.

Now you will find that the Dominic and Solange characters are very similar in issues and whats and needs.  They are also very private and keep their most personal selves just for their lifemates.

And this is where you will find that there is a level of sensuality that is just more in this book.  Which leaves us with several sexy scenes that we must watch out for.  And yes, they do have quite a few details in them.

One of the things that Solange tells Dominic is that her blood seems to be a natural parasite killer and that the vampires and mages that are working with the jaguar men can’t sense when she is near.

This gives them an advantage in battle.  But it also means that they can pursue a personal relationship and actually have a future.

So this story has a lot more of them pursuing their relationship then actually fighting. 

Dominic does infiltrate the vampire camp and finds out what their plan are.  That aids them in stories to come.   And Dominic is able to destroy several of the vampires that are in this one location.  

Solange’s long time enemy is also destroyed.  Broderick, her father, is killed in this book.

They also find out because of her pure jaguar blood, and when the convert her the being a Carpathian, they find that he’s also something more.  He can walk in the sun.

So this story is filled with a lot of info that helps us to understand the whole series while letting us see that the Carpathians are evolving as well.

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