Upon a Midnight Clear – An Anthology

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Short stories by Jude Deveraux, Linda Howard, Margaret Allison, Stef Ann Holm, and Mariah Stewart

Upon A Midnight Clear is a 417page book that has short stories from 5 talented authors.

While each story is small in size, they are definitely good reads!

The Teacher by Jude Deveraux

Jude Deveraux is a talented storyteller.  And this one, The Teacher, doesn’t disappoint!

This one is a story about how Kathryn de Longe and Cole Jordan.

She is on the run, hiding from the man who fathered her son Jeremy.  When she applied for the teacher position with Cole Jordan’s son, Zachary, she did not anticipate the man or his son.

It’s a short, sweet and tender story about a man who needs a wife.  About a boy who needs a mother.  About another boy who needs a family!

And it’s a basically clean story too.  

Christmas Magic by Margaret Allison

Christmas Magic by Margaret Allison is a short and simple story!

This one is about Kim who is estranged from her father, gets a call saying he’s had a stroke and she is needed to come to make some decisions for him.

So of course, she heads home.

I found this story to be a bit cheesy!!  

Kim rushes home to be with her father.  Meets the doctor that will be doing the surgery and has an instant connection with him.  And then their insecurities get the better of them and they part, only to be brought back together again.

I will admit, it was cute.  But still cheesy!

Jolly Holly by Stef Ann Holm

If Only in My Dreams by Mariah Stewart

White Out by Linda Howard

White Out is a very short story by Linda Howard.

This story is about Hope Bradshaw and Price Tanner.

This is the type of story where there is a lot that happens in a very short period of time.  They get to know each other during a major crisis and in this case, sex is involved.

For a very short book, it’s intense and captivating.  It’s definitely the type of story that sticks in your head!

He’s a cop, new to the area.  She’s the owner of a small resort.  During a snow storm, he ends up on her doorstep frozen and incoherent.  She rescues him and brings him back to full conscienceness!  

The love scenes are pretty detailed, so keep that in mind!

And I would have loved to see “how they ended up” type of thing at the end of the story!

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