Into Dust

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Into Dust is the 5th book in the Montana Hamiltons Series.  

This story is about Cassidy Hamilton and Jack Durand.  She’s a twin with Harper (book 4) and the youngest of the 6 girls.

In this one, the background plot is alot more at play.

Sarah (their mother) was the leader of a terrorist group called The Prophecy when she was younger.  Her marriage to Buckmaster was all part of an elaborate plan to get him into the Wihite House.  

Okay, the plot started with JD, but he fell in love with a younger woman and resigned and then was killed.  You find all this out in book 4. 

But now, years later, Sarah doesn’t want to do any of it.  She had had her memories wiped and disappeared for 22 years and missed her daughters’ entire growing up.  They (The Prophecy people) put her back in place with some of her memories restored by Dr. Venable.  She get’s some of her memories restored the same time that there’s a kidnapping attempt on Cassidy that she changes.  Sarah is starting to have second thoughts about doing what this group wants her to do.  

And this is where book 5 comes in.  

Jack Durand sees something his father is doing, thinks it’s really strange.  He follows the guy that was talking to his dad and finds that he is going to kidnap a girl.  He steps in to help her not knowing what is going on.

This girl happens to be Cassidy.

Together they decide that they need to find out what is going on.  They find out that both of their parents were members of the group.  And that this group is planning something new.

**Spoiler Alert**  I have to share some of the ending to understand.  Sorry!

Cassidy and Jack spend a great deal of time together getting to know each other.  They fall in love as they also dig into who is part of this group, The Prophecy.

Then they get caught and then escape.  Then get caught again.  And instead of hiding or kidnapping them, the doctor, Dr. Venable wipes their memories of the past several days (the days they’ve been together and what they have found out about this group) and then drops them back in Houston.  They go on with their lives as if nothing is amiss.  

Then they both decide that they are going to help Buckmaster in his campaign tour and they meet up again.  The author called it “star-crossed” lovers, destined to meet.

That’s the unbelievable part – them both deciding to help with the presidential campaign and then just meeting by chance.  The author doesn’t go into anymore detail about their romance.  The story just ends.

So now you have to read book 6 to really know how things have ended.

In book 6, you find that they are just together.  There is no story to how they got together, despite meeting at the presidential campaign.  You don’t know if they ever regain their memory of what happened before.

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