Blood Lust

Last Published: 08-09-2018

Blood Lust is the 3rd book in the Sentinels Series by Alexandra Ivy!

This is where Bas gets his story. 

In book 2, Bas had lured Serra from Valhalla, given her a deadly toxin to force her help to find his young daughter and then with their (Serra and Fane) help, he’s able to rescue his daughter and bring her back home safely.

Due to this traumatic event, little Molly links with her mother, Myst, for comfort and reassurance. 

And Bas’ situation changes completely.  He’s no longer the leader of the renegade band of mercenary high-bloods, nor is he selling his services to the highest bidder.  Now he just wants to protect Molly.

With Myst dropping by, his whole world is being thrown for a loop.

Now Myst had dropped Molly off when she was a baby and then left.  So naturally, he’s a bit reluctant to believe Molly when she says that her mom is coming.

But he’s never forgotten Myst.  She’s the one that got away.  But now that she’s back to see Molly, he’s thinking that he’s not going to let her get away a second time.

And that becomes the plan when he finds out why she left Molly in the first place and what she’s up to now.

And he’s determined to help her.

You see, Myst is a clairvoyant and had a vision when she was younger that she was going to create a dangerous weapon that would destroy the high-bloods.

And she’s determined to not let that happen.

And Bas is just as determined to not let her do it on her own.  So together they start investigating into what the weapon could be and keeping away from the Brotherhood.

Now by this book, the Brotherhood have become a large and well-funded group of individuals that are determined to annihilate every single one of the high-bloods.  And one section of the Brotherhood, the ones living in Wyoming, seem to know where Myst will be and when.

You know then, that they are using rogue high-bloods to get what they want.

And what they want is the weapon that can destroy Valhalla along with the rest of the high-bloods.

So as Bas and Myst race to find out what weapon is, the Brotherhood race to find and capture her.

And that makes for an action packed and interesting story.  Along with compelling characters that you learn to love and enjoy reading more of.

Along the way, Bas decides that he’s going to have this silver-haired little female again and again and then he just might keep her.

And that includes sexy scenes that have some detail in them.

Okay, so I will tell you that the story ends happily ever after like it’s supposed to, but if I share anymore, then I’ll spoil the ending.

Needless to say, there’s an exciting ending that you won’t expect.  Definitely worth reading though.

And I found that this book could lead easily lead to another story.

The Mave and the Tagos need their own story!

Even little Molly could use her own story when she’s all grown.  It would be fun to see her grown and what she’s like then!

And don’t forget Kaede.  There were clues to his past and what he might have to overcome and that would make for a great story.

But as of right now, 2018, there’s no more in this series!  Don’t forget to go back and check out the beginning books in this series!

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