Days of Gold

Originally Published: 10-02-2018

Book Summary

Days of Gold is considered the 2nd book in the Edilean Series by Jude Deveraux.

But it’s also a historical romance instead of a contemporary romance.  You will find that it’s the prequel to book 1, Lavender Morning.

This is the story of where the founders of the little town of Edilean came to be.  What they went thru and endured to get to where they are in the rest of this particular series.

So do you need to read this one in order to understand the storyline?? I think so, but it can still be read by itself as well.

This story is about Angus McTern and Edilean Talbot.  Please note that Edilean and Angus take on the Harcourt name as they pretend to be Mr. and Mrs. Harcourt to cross on the ship.  And then Angus keeps the name of Harcourt as he’s wanted to kidnapping and stealing.

You have to understand the back story of where these two came from to understand the rest of the storyline.

Angus is supposed to be the laird of the McTern clan in Scotland.  But due to his uncle loosing the lands and property in a card game after his father had died, Angus had become to laird as a young boy.

The man who cheated the clan was a conniving and lazy man that refused to do anything and left Angus to run things.  And when Neville became the guardian for his very wealthy niece, he forced her to come to stay with him at the keep in Scotland.

And this is where Edilean meets Angus.  Right from the beginning their romance is filled with angst and fire.  They argue as much as they love.

Now Edilean is beautiful and was born of privilege, even though she may have had a difficult life being raised at boarding schools.

The fire between them starts right at the beginning.  Angus is enamored with her the first time he sees her and he’s annoying to her!!

But when he finds out the plan the her uncle has for her and the money that she’s bringing in, he knows that she can’t get out of it on her own.

Then when she trusts the wrong man, Angus again steps in to help her.  And that gets them traveling together to go to America in order to avoid charges that will undoubtedly be against him should he stay.

So the story goes from Scotland in the 1700s to the Americas.  We get to read about long boat rides and carriages and bound servants and long dresses and customs of the times.

Now Jude Deveraux has done a good job of depicting the time period and all that that entails.

And that also includes the sexy scenes.  There are a couple of scenes to be aware of, and they do have a little detail, but due to the fact that this is a historical romance, you will find that the detail is not detailed.  

The time period of the story actually is several years.  They go their separate ways for a time, with her thinking terrible things of him just because of the way that he left her. 

Their romance plays a part of the story but it’s also about the customs of the day and what they had to do to survive.  And it’s also about the insecurities that each of them have throughout their relationship and how that makes it difficult for them to be together until the very end.

But in the end, they do end up together and they do buy land in the wilderness of Virginia to make a little town and called it Edilean.

So this novel helps us to understand how the small town of Edilean was founded and the whys that have go along with it.

So now when you go to read book 3, Scarlet Nights, you’ll know more of the background of the town and the characters to be able to understand the storylines in the rest of the books within this series.

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