Cut Throat

Originally Published: 11-17-2018

Cut Throat is the 2nd book in the Cat Dupree Series by Sharon Sala.

Book Summary

This book follows within weeks of the time frame of the first book.

If you remember the huge fight at the ending of the first book, we know that Solomon survived the explosion that aided her in capturing Mark Presley, the man that fathered her best friend’s baby and then killed her to shut her up.

Solomon was in league with Mark.  And Solomon got away.  He ended up being badly burned but he still got away.

And because Cat is who she is, she takes it upon herself to chase after this Solomon following the tracking devices that she had put into Mark’s stuff.

At first she’s not sure that’s even him, but she follows anyway.  And along the way she meets people that affect her personally but also aids her in search to finding Solomon.

You see she’s been looking for this guy since she was younger.  He was the one that slit her throat and left her for dead then stabbed her father to death leaving her an orphan.  Needless to say, this was a guy that she wasn’t going to let slip thru her fingers if she could help it.

After the explosion, which left Solomon badly burned, he found a bag full of money.  He considers this his windfall and decides to go down to Mexico to live the good life.  

And that’s why she’s on a wild goose chase following a blip on a screen hoping that she’s actually going to find the man.

As she’s trailing across Mexico, she thinks about Wilson and the effect that he has on her.  And realizes that she just might want to pursue a relationship with him.  And that brings us scenes where she’s thinking about him and things that they did.  And that does include sexy scenes as well.

Wilson is stuck on her too.  He can’t get her out of his mind and is worried about her and the fact that she’s gone off half cocked to find this guy.  And it’s only because she gets involved in a car chase that he sees her on the news.

So while the story is about Cat and Wilson, it’s more about the pursuit to find Solomon.

Cat literally leaves Wilson behind to go after him.  And not nicely.  And that causes a bunch of emotionally issues that happen for both Wilson and for Cat.

Not only are do we meet some good, interesting characters, we also meet some nefarious ones that connect us to the third book!

Finding a brand new baby also has a great affect on Cat.  On a simple stop to relieve herself, she finds a baby that was laying in her dead mother’s arm minutes before the coyotes got her.  

And because Cat is a well developed dynamic character, she takes it upon herself to not only take the mother’s body to the local authorities, she also makes the time to go and find the baby’s family.  Even though it took her away from the task of finding Solomon.

And along the way, he makes enemies that, in the end, don’t help him.  But we do get to know this Solomon a bit and find that he’s just a rotten character.

So along the way, you meet a bunch of connected characters that describe the type of life that not only Wilson but also Cat came from and the type of people they are becoming.

In the end, she does find Solomon and before she’s able to kill him, he beats her within an inch of life.  That’s when she called to say goodbye to Wilson.

And that forces Wilson into action to going and rescuing her from not only the authorities but also from herself.  What then follows is a daring rescue mission to get Cat out of Mexico and to a hospital in Texas.

After she’s released from the hospital, Wilson doesn’t give her a choice and takes her to his family home in Texas to rest and recuperate.  And it’s there that they really get to know each other.  And as she’s being enveloped in his family, she learns to love and to trust again.

So by the time you get to the end of this book, they’ve fallen in love and are getting to know each other on a different level.  She still hasn’t declared her love but they are definitely moving in the right direction.

You will then find that this book leads right into book 3, Bad Penny.

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