Tender Secrets

Originally Published: 04-07-2019

Tender Secrets is the 1st book in the Warner Family Series by Ann Christopher.

This is a great beginning to a series about a group of ultra rich men and women that learn to love and find love.

I found that on Goodreads, this series is also called Secrets and Lies, #1.

This is Andrew Warner’s story.

When he meets Viveca Jackson he knows that he has finally met his match.

Andrew is the CEO to the WarnerBrands International and heir to the Warner family fortune.

Viveca is an investigative reporter who has taken a leave from her work to help the Warner matriarch write a family biography.

But few book details first!!

The characters are African American.  The storyline follows this family with Andrew at the center (to begin with).

Here’s the original book cover for this book.

This is a contemporary romance that is based in modern times with the Warner family being ultra rich and have to learn to love just like everyone else.

Ann Christopher calls this book an “enemies-to-lovers” romance!!

Viveca takes the book deal but does it with a mission.  She wants to bring the Warner family to their knees.  She wants to destroy them just like they destroyed her family, her father, all those years ago.

Despite this revenge mission that she keeps holding onto, she didn’t anticipate the explosive attraction that she would feel for Andrew.

And he would feel for her.

Viveca is the enemy that comes to Heather Hill (that’s the name of their estate) to find a way to destory the Warner family.  Andrew is the one that will do what it takes to convince her not to.

What follows then is a battle of wills between Andrew and Viveca.  They both can’t seem to fight the attraction that they feel.  So there are several scenes that you need to watch out for.  And yes, they are detailed.  Easily skipped if wanted though.

What is also happening in the storyline is a battle within Viveca.  She has been harbouring this revenge mission for so many years, how could she possibly stop now.  Who would she be if she let it all go??!!

In a good romance, you have a least one character that has to undergo a change, but in great romance story, you see both characters (or maybe more) change into something greater and better than they were before.  And that is this story.  

Ann Christopher takes her characters, several of them, and has them grow and change throughout the storyline.  And she does it with really talented writing.

Her writing pulls you in from page one letting you see and feel what the characters are doing and feeling.  I enjoyed her writing right from the beginning.  It’s nice to read a writer who knows how to write a great story.

Please know that this story does end happily ever after!  Both characters seem to get over their major stumbling enough to be together.

This is definitely a series worth checking out.  I’ll definitely watch for book 2 and book 3 to come free!!

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