Thirteen Chances

Originally Published: 09-01-2017

Book Summary

Thirteen Chances by Cindy Miles is the 5th book in the Paranormal Ghost Stories.

This is one of those stories that stays with you for a long time, it’s that good!!

While this is about ghosts, it can also be loosely called a time-travel romance as well.

It’s because all of the men in this series are from a different time then the women.  They have been ghosts for long periods of time.

Thirteen Chances is a sweet and tender story about 2 lovers that were meant to be together but made some mistakes that kept them apart for a long time.

Whenever they did meet through time, they could only spend that lifetime together and then they would miss each other again.  They were fated to spend eternity alone, without the other.

That is until the 13th time! (Hence the title of the book!!!)

Christian and Emma are soulmates.  True loves that want to spend eternity together.  But due to a botched spell, if they actually found each other, they would tragically die and not be together again.

So in this 13th chance, they get some help from some friendly witches.  And their friends that are the main characters of the other 4 books.

Emma doesn’t know who Christian is at the beginning of each of these lives. As she is drawn to him this last time, she tells herself that she is going to  do things differently.  Differently enough that they will have a chance to be together.

So this story is about how the meet this 13th time.  How they fall in love – again.  And how they get some help to fix things the right way.  

Emma, at first, doesn’t remember anything of her past lives or of who Christian is.  What she does know is that she has never been able to find true love.   After she remembers everything she realizes why she couldn’t find it was because she already had it.  It’s after this that she vows to do things that will give their love a chance.

There are some things about this book that make it different.  In this timeline, the men don’t sleep with their women until after they are married. So their love scenes are elusive and left up to our imagination. 

You also get an old fashioned feel for the characters and the things that they do.  They hold a fun tournament that has ghosts and men alike participating.

It really is a cute story.  I love how Emma takes things into her own hands, determined to make this time different.  So with a little bit of magic and some good old luck, she makes it that the spell that she cast so many centries before was broken.

At first it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a happy ending.  But when Christian shows up in the flesh, they know that it actually worked!

Okay, SPOILER!!!

It ends happy.  He is restored to his wonderful, human self.  And she doesn’t have to live another 72 years without him.  They get married and live happily ever after!

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