Now and Forever

Last Published: 07-28-2020

While Now and Forever is the 6th book in the Byrnehouse-Davies & Hamilton Saga, it’s also the 3rd book in a small trilogy within this series!!

Book Details

First published in 1996, this book has not been reissued with any new book covers.

And you’ll also find that this particular author is a LDS author and sells almost exclusively to LDS bookstores and such.  Only recently have I found it on Amazon.

You’ll find that there’re no sexual details in this story at all.

And this story is a little different in that it actually shares ideas and thoughts of an active LDS person and struggles of life that can happen to any person.

This story is set in modern times and is classified as a contemporary romance plus a Christian romance.

This book is printed in larger size than just a pocketbook size and is 292 pages long.

You might think that it would be an easy read, but Anita Stansfield brings forward many issues that LDS people think about and the WAY they think about things makes this story not an easy read!!

To really understand this book, you need to be an LDS person or at least closely acquainted with one to understand the thinking and pondering and studying that an active LDS person does.

Things like when we are faced with problems, we go to the Lord in prayer seeking guidance and help.  Or we counsel with our church leaders about our conduct or problems we may be having.  Or if we are following the teachings of the Gospel.

The thoughts and ideas of an LDS person are laced with Gospel terminology that makes us sound different but in reality we aren’t.

So when you read this book, you can know that Emily’s character is a type of what an active, God-fearing, follower of Christ is going to do.

And as Anita Stansfield, and myself, are members of this LDS church, I can relate completely with Emily’s thinking and the way she makes decisions.

Book Summary

This book is a continuation to book 5, First Love Second Chances. But really it was book 2.

In book 5, Emily and Michael finally get married and settle down to life in Australia.  They even welcome a few children into the family.

But life isn’t all a bed of roses, even for us LDS members.  Even after being married, we all still have struggles and trials and doubts of faith that makes life hard and not fun sometimes.

And that’s what this book is, a continuation of their lives, only 8yrs later.

Emily and Michael have a couple more kids and had health scares to get them here.

And they have misunderstanding and miscommunications that makes life hard with trials that keep happening.

And those misunderstandings can cause heartache in all parties involved.

In the church, we believe in personal revelation.  Revelation that can come to us from our loving Heavenly Father.  And sometimes that revelation can answer deep seated questions that we may have or it might give us insight into something that we find we need to be doing.

And that’s what part of this story is about.  

Throughout the whole miniseries, Emily has always been very close to the Spirit, feeling that she needs to be guided often to feel right with the Lord.

The majority of this story is about their life, the life they have and the choices that they make.  And how personal revelation can help us go thru life with all its challenges and struggles.

And it’s also about the doubts and fears that we all face and how we can use the Lord’s guidance to help us, to give us comfort, to show us the path that we should follow.

This is about Emily and Michael and how they face life’s trials, tribulations and challenges that happen.  And how personal revelation can have a profound affect on both of them.  They see that God has a plan for them and has all along.


This is the final story that has to do with Emily and Michael directly.

And it’s moving and poignant along with the first 2 books.  

But I will admit that I still think about the ending of this book, even 25yrs after I read it.  Because I too believe in personal revelation and that, when worthy, we can receive details from our Heavenly Father about our lives.  And I know that I can receive my own.

So when I read such a well written story that shows an example that touches my heart to fully, I am moved right along with the characters.

If you read only these 3 books of this series, they are definitely worth your time.

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