The ARES Security Series

Last Published: 08-31-2017

The ARES Security Series by Alexandra Ivy is a new and exciting romantic suspense series.  

This series is about five men that spent time in a Taliban prison.  There’s nothing like five weeks of brutal torture to bond a group of men.

Rafe Vargas, Lucas St. Clair, Max Grayson, Hauk Laurenson, and Teagan Moore became brothers during those five weeks.  They pooled their individual resources to plan their escape.  Rafe was a covert ops specialist.  Mas was a forensic scientist.  Hauk was a sniper. Teagan was a computer wizard.  Lucas was a hostage negotiator.

After they were sent to separate American hospitals to recover, Rafe discovered that going back to civilian life was too much.  So he pulled these men together and formed a security company.

That’s how ARES Security was formed.  And that is where this book series, the Ares Security Series, comes from.

As of August 2017, there are only 2 books in this series.  There are definitely more coming.  Hauk, Teagan and Max all need their stories!

Book 1, Kill Without Mercy, is about Rafe Vargas.  He’s the one who started this whole idea.  He’s the glue that keeps the group together!!

Book 2, Kill Without Shame, is about Lucas St. Clair.  He’s the smooth talking hostage negotiator.

There is also a back story going on in this series.  Hauk is receiving threats from on unknown source.  They think it had to do with their time in Afghanistan.  While the threats happen, the author only touches on them as this background plot isn’t playing a big factor yet.

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