Shadows Strike

Last Published: 09-03-2019

Book Summary

Shadows Strike might be the 6th book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

In this one, Ethan finally gets his story!!  If you remember he was friends (with benefits) with Lisette from book 5, Night Unbound.

While you can read this book on its own, you will understand the background story a lot more if you read the whole series in order!!

Because this is the 6th book in the series there are a tons of things that have been happening all along in each book!

Ethan is an Immortal Guardian that’s several centuries old.  He had been trained by Lisette and had been in a relationship with her.  It ended long before she met Zach (book 5).  He also has a photographic memory, to the nth degree.  He remembers everything in minute details.

Here’s a bit of a summary for this book:

Heather Lane has been having the same dream every night for more than a year.  Each time she would help a vampire defeat the other vampires and then she wakes up.  She doesn’t think it will come true until she finds the actual meadow that it happens in.

And when her dream actually happens she’s left a bit stumped!  At first she’s a bit overwhelmed with everything but as she talks with Ethan, she finds that she just might like him.

After that again she starts having dreams and is then saved by Ethan.

She basically joins the Immortal Guardians because they don’t know why she’s being manipulated by the Other that’s out to get everyone.

Between the end of book 5 and the beginning of this book, you find out that there is an Other that is bend on all human and vampire and Immortal Guardian destruction.  His name happens to be Gershom.  He’s very powerful and dangerous. 

Now this book adds a bit of a twist to the plot.  

If you remember the Others, the ancient men that are just supposed to watch and observe, you find that some of them are becoming disillusioned with the state of affairs. 

This story brings in Jared.  He’s an Other just like Seth and Zach.  And he has visions of the future.  And he doesn’t like what he sees.  So he takes steps to see what he can do about it.  And this plays a huge part in the story.

As there are two Others  that are playing a part in the plotline, you see more of the characters than just Ethan and Heather.  It’s a whole community of people that you get to know.  

Yes, there are sexy content in the story that you can watch out for.  It is detailed and part of the storyline.  I found I could skip if needed.

I found that you really needed to read the whole series to understand the back story.

Definitely check it out!

Take a look as the story continues in book Blade of Darkness, book 7, where we find out more about the Immortals but mostly about Aidan and Dana.

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