A Cowboy’s Christmas Eve

Originally Published: 08-23-20017

A Cowboy’s Christmas Eve by RC Ryan is the 4th book in the Malloys of Montana Series.  But this one is a novella. 

Book Summary

This one is Uncle Colin’s story!!  

Colin is the younger brother to Patrick.  Patrick is the father to Matt, Luke and Reed.

After Patrick and Bernie died, Colin just continued on with life and helped where was needed, whether it was with the boys or with the ranch.

He doesn’t think about what he doesn’t have until the boys have found their own wives.

And that’s right around the time that the pretty young niece of the town’s medical doctor comes to assist her uncle, Old Doc Cross.

Dr. Anita Cross came to Glacier Ridge to be with her uncle and to enjoy the small town atmosphere!

And Colin can’t help but notice her.

In the previous books, they kinda danced around each other and occasionally spent time together.  But it isn’t until this little novella that their intentions are made known.  So this novella fits into the series right after Reed and Ally (book 3) have gotten married!

Grace, Colin’s mother, takes it upon herself to invite Dr. Cross and his niece for Christmas dinner.  And of course there’s a blizzard raging!!

At first, Burke goes in to get both of them, but when he gets to the clinic, there are too many emergencies for them both to leave.  And the young doctor they had called in doesn’t make it due to the blizzard.

So when Grace asks Colin to go and get Anita, he jumps at the chance and heads into Glacier Ridge to get her!  He encounters a blizzard along the way with waist high drifts.

He makes it to the clinic and helps Anita but emergency after emergency happens that makes it that none of them can leave!!

And it during stolen moments of time that they declare their love!  And they see each other in emergency situations!!

It’s a cute, short story.  The story doesn’t feel like it ends because they plan to meet the next week and the story just ends but you do get the idea that that is where things were headed.

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