The Jigsaw Files Series

Originally Published: 03-23-2022

The Jigsaw Files is a 4-book series by Sharon Sala! 

Book Series Summary

But there’s a difference with these books, they aren’t romance!!  They’re psychological thrillers with a whole lot of suspense instead.  Amazon even classifies them as kidnapping thrillers as well.  

This series is about Charlie Dodge.  He’s a private investigator who specializes in finding missing people. 

He has an amazing assistant names Jane Wyrick.  She’s an interesting individual who has a very outlandish style.  She’s also a cancer survivor.  She wears bold colors and has attitude.  She’s a warrior.  She’s also an expert at researching things and finding things that Charlie needs to find people.

Charlie’s story starts with his wife, a victim of Alzheimer’s, gradually losing more and more of herself to the disease.  While Charlie loves her so much, he knows that she has to be in the care home as she doesn’t know anyone anymore.

So he lives a lonely existence.  He works way too much but he’s good at his job.

And each book, while a little bit about Charlie, is mostly about the cases that he takes and the people that are involved.

Book 1, The Missing Piece, is about prominent multimillionaire Carter Dunleavy.  He disappears without a trace only to be found and then be the one that’s being hunted!!  This is the sinister plot that happens in the story.

We’re introduced to both Charlie and Wyrick and the interesting dynamic that happens between them.

Book 2, Second Sight, is another kidnapping case.  But this one is about a 12yr old girl whose taken by her father to become part of a horrific cult.  This book, while an intriguing read, is about the terrible issue of child trafficking.

We also find out so much more about Wyrick and where she came from and why she is the way she is.  Such an fascinating character.

Book 3, Blind Faith, is about another lost person, but it’s also about Wyrick and Charlie and how they both lose a loved one.  From book 2 we find out the situation about Wyrick is a lot more complicated and HUGE!!  And it all comes to a final head and ends in a way that is surprising and so good!!

Book 4, The Last Straw, is the final book in this series. And while some people that were after Wyrick were stopped in the last book, they still work to find another in this book.

Each of these books have no sexual details in them.  Not even the child kidnapping one.  And it’s nice to read a really well-written story that you don’t have to worry about!

Thank you Sharon Sala!!

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