Sandpiper Island

Originally Published: 06-02-2018

Book Summary

Sandpiper Island is the 3rd book in the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove Series by Donna Kauffman.

This book is about Ford Maddox, he’s Grace’s sister from book 2.

He came to Blueberry Cove to be near the only family he’s got despite the fact that he doesn’t want to be near people at all.

It was also to bring his friend’s body back to his family.

Ford is an environmental specialist working with the wildlife on Sandpiper Island.

And he’s tolerating his baby sister despite her annoying ways.

Because of the time spent at war, he’s left with PTSD issues that make it difficult for him to get along with people.

But despite his issues, he’s drawn to Delia O’Reilly.  They once had a thing, right after he came to the cove.  They sought comfort in each other’s arms after the death of Tommy.

Now Delia has become really good friends with Grace and Grace has asked Ford to get involved because there is a bigwig that is fighting for her diner.  

And then this brings in a whole bunch of issues that Delia has about her life and where she’s currently at.

And it brings out some major issues that Ford is still fighting with because of his PTSD.

So the story is really well-written.  You read, in detail, how each of them are doing, both good and bad.  Donna Kauffman takes the time to show you how the characters are fighting for their sanity.

Both Delia and Ford fight a similar battle.  They both are loners that have learned to survive on their own.  But this story is about how they figure out that they can’t stand completely alone.  They need each other to live a life that is fulfilling and rich.

As Delia’s world crumbles, she relies upon Ford to help ground her.  And it’s during that time that they realize that they really do love each other and actually want to be together.

And it’s only the details that they have to figure out.

So the story is wrought with details about how they feel, about how they plan on fighting for each other.  Then you read details about the beautiful scenery and what he’s working on.  And the treehouse he built on Sandpiper Island.

You get to know the people that live and love and work on the cove.  And read about the politics of what’s happening to Delia and what she ends up doing about it!

It’s an indepth story that is not a simple read.  It’s the continuation of the previous stories in this series.  Plus if you read the Brides of Blueberry Cove, it continues the storyline but only from the sisters’ point of view.

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