Dark Lycan

Originally Published: 07-25-2018

Book Summary

Dark Lycan is the 24th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This book is also the 1st book in a trilogy that is within the Dark Series!

The books in this trilogy are Dark Lycan, Dark Wolf and Dark Blood.

This is the book that adds the Lycans to the storyline while adding a plotline that is within these three books. 

One of their own, an ancient Carpathian hunter, hunted with a elite Lycan hunter to find and destroy a Sanga rau, a mixed blood creature that’s more than just the vampire!  This is a creature that was holy evil and was both a vampire and a Lycan.

As the two hunters hunted, they fought many battles that caused them to have to exchange blood in order to survive.  This caused them to become something more as well.

Now within the Lycan world, the Sanga rau is a feared and ruthless creature that wiped out the lycan people.  So to survive, the lycans immersed themselves into the human world completely while having packs that were hidden and protected.

Over time, Fenris Dalka became a cross between a Carpathian and a Lycan.  This made him just as strong, fast, and as powerful as the Sanga rau!  But he wasn’t evil.  But he was feared.  So for many centuries he lived alone and as a lycan to be able to hunt the Sanga rau.

Now at the beginning of this story, he’s followed a pack of rogue werewolves to the Carpathian Mountains.  He hasn’t been back in centuries.

And that’s when he meets Tatijianna Dragonseeker one night in a tavern bar.

If you remember her, she was one of the ones that was kept prisoner by Xavier in the ice caves.  Her and her sister, Branislava (Bronnie) were kept as dragons for many centuries to endure the depravities of their grandfather.

And in book 19, Dark Curse, they were finally set free from the ice caves by Lara and Nicolas De La Cruz along with Natalya and Vikirnoff Von Shrieder!

Because she’s been a prisoner all her life, having someone else dictate her behavior is not going to happen.

That’s how, late one night after sneaking out, she meets up with Fen.  And her entire life is changed.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t want to be claimed, her and Fen join forces and get to know each other.  They also share their stories and their secrets with each other.  Which only causes their relationship to be bonded deeper.

So this story brings in a whole bunch of characters that we’ve already met.  They all come for the new threat to the Carpathian people.

And Mikhail gives Fen a name that shows that he’s not Sanga rau!

They are called the Guardian of All! This new name gives them the ability to differentiate between the evil Sanga rau and what Fen has become.

You also find out that Fen is brothers with Dimitri.  He’s young Skylar’s lifemate even though she’s unclaimed so far.  And because Fen and Dimitri are brothers, they have fought together and Fen taught him how to defeat him in case there was a need.

But that also made Dimitri start to change into a Han ku pesak kaikak, Guardian of All.  And that leads us into the next book, book 25, Dark Wolf, where Dimitri is captured by the Lycan hunters and tortured with the “death by silver”!  You have to check out that one to know more!

In this book you see how several of the couple are doing and whose children have made it passed infancy.  By now there are now several children born to them and more on the way.  It would be fun to see if Christine Feehan ever takes these children and creates a storyline with them!!

During the last battle, while Dimitri and Fen defeated the bad guys, Fen is mortally wounded and Dimitri is captured by the Lycans. 

Thus this story leads right into Dark Wolf where Skylar decides to take it upon herself to find Dimitri and rescue him.

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