Snowflake Bay

Originally Published: 06-04-2018

Book Summary

Snowflake Bay is the 2nd book in the Brides of Blueberry Cover Series by Donna Kauffman.

This series is about three sisters (Hannah, Fiona, and Kerry) that have all hit a point in their lives where they have come home to regroup and recharge.

This story is about Fiona.  

She was so tired of the rat race of Manhattan that she picked up and moved back home to Blueberry Cove.  She wanted to be near her brother and sisters.  She is also helping plan Hannah’s wedding!!

What she didn’t expect was to see Ben Campbell again.  To him, she was always the annoying younger sister to Logan.

But to her, she realizes that her childhood crush on Ben is still hovering inside of her.  But he still doesn’t see her as a grown up making it on her own.

Ben has come home to help his parents move to Florida.  His dad’s health has taken a turn for the worse, and he needs to come home to take care of things.  He leaves his established business (and an intruding ex) back in Rhode Island.

He didn’t anticipate noticing Fiona for the woman that she is.  

But he does.

And he takes a chance on what is right in front of him.  As the story goes, he finds that she just might be what he’s looking for.  And Blueberry Cove just might be where his heart really lies.

It’s a cute story with well developed characters.  You even get to see how Logan and Alex are doing.  (I like that!)

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