Dark Fire

Originally Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Dark Fire by Christine Feehan is the 6th book in the Dark Series.

This book is about Darius Daratrazanoff and Tempest Trine, also called Rusti!  Darius calls her Tempest while friends call her Rusti.

But this story is also about Barak and Syndil as well.

They are all part of the Dark Troubadoors, the singing group that travels around using their music to heal and provide comfort for all that hear it.

This group consists of Darius, Desari, brother and sister Daratrazanoff.  Then there was Syndil, Barak, Dayan and Savon.

Back before book 5, Syndil had been brutally attacked by Savon and then Darius destroyed him.  Syndil, horribly traumatized, would spend days and weeks in the her leopard form.

So when this book starts, they all are still dealing with this horrible thing that happened.

Because they are a traveling singing group, they are “appearing” human by traveling by bus to and from their singing engagements.

And they need someone to help maintain their buses.

And that is where Rusti comes in.  She’s a mechanic that found the ad and felt compelled to answer.  She’s also psychic and just happens to be Darius’ true lifemate!!

And in true form to these Dark Series books, Darius joins her to him.  This causes her to run from him frightened as she wasn’t compelled to forget what happened.

After running from Darius, she encounters a horrible human that attacked her and almost assaults her.  Darius gets there in time to not let it happen, but the trauma is still there.

So this causes a bond to form between Syndal and Rusti. 

And it causes Darius to not be as Old-School with her as the others have been.  He also makes the decision to not convert her as she has some major phobias that make it impossible for her to handle aspects of the conversion.

So they do get to know each other and they exchange blood two of the three times that are needed to bring on the conversion, but because they don’t the third time, both are left with deficiencies that cause problems.

Darius is not at his full strength because he can’t go to ground to completely heal.  And she’s left with the inability to eat or to be away from him for any length of time.

When she finds out what is happening to him, she swallows her fears and tells him that he needs to convert her.  At first he doesn’t, but then something happens and he’s attacked and to save him, she gives him blood.  He then has to give her some back, completing the conversion.

It then takes time for her to become adjusted to the Carpathian ways.

In the attack in this book, it’s vampire hunters instead of a vampire that they battle against.  And they find that there is a whole group that are joining against the Carpathians. 

With this new knowledge, Julian and Desari had over to hang with his twin Aidan and his lifemate.

Barak and Syndil go to the Carpathian Mountains to let the Prince know what they have learned.  This leaves Dayan who will get his own story in book 12.

While this story had aspects that were definitely similar to the pattern that is this series, this particular story was a bit different making it interesting and enjoyable to read.

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