Merry Cowboy Christmas

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Merry Cowboy Christmas follows right after book 2 in the Lucky Penny Ranch Series!  

This series is about the three Dawson boys and the three Logan girls.  

And as luck would have it, sisters have fallen for brothers!!

Now it’s Fiona’s turn.  And cousin Jud has finally come to the Lucky Penny.  He runs into Fiona just after she runs off the road not too far from home.

Jud is different than his cousins.  He wants to get married and have a family with the white picket fence!!  He wants the whole deal.  He also has a degree in geology and agriculture.  And he thinks that there is oil on the Lucky Penny!

But Fiona is a wild bird and has to run free.

So the majority of the story is Jud trying to convince Fiona that she needs to stay in Dry Creek and get to know each other.

This one is based at Christmas time.  Actually the books follow each other in timeframe as well (it’s always nice when an author does this well!!).  

Fiona has come home because she has nothing left.  No job.  No husband.  No money.  She has swallowed her pride and come home to Audrey’s place!  She had gone away to go to school and had become an accountant.  So when she gets back to Dry Creek, she takes over her mother’s books at the convenience store.

This story has a fun twist!

The biggest gossip, the biggest critic – Dora June – loses her home and all her possessions in a terrible fire that consumes everything that her and her husband Truman had.  

And Katy doesn’t think twice about inviting them to live at Audrey’s place until they can figure things out.

So not it’ll help to know some more info!!

After Allie and Blake get married, they move into the house on the Lucky Penny.

Lizzy buys Deke’s old place and her and Toby move into it!  Deke moved into his family home that he bought off his cousin.

That leaves Katy still at Audrey’s place (this is the house that all three girls were raised in) with Jud and Fiona.  They are roommates across the hall!!  

So as the story goes, Dora June and Truman move into the downstairs room, Katy takes off and goes on a holiday with her girlfriends.  That leaves Jud and Fiona in the big house.  

And they take advantage of this and get to know each other with  late night visits.

At first, it’s just getting to know each other, then things heat up later.  So there are sexy scenes but they’re not crude.  The author uses decent words that make sure you know what’s happening but not everything is explained. I’d give it a 1 out of 10 kind of scale idea!!  

The story just continues from book 1 and book 2!!  But this time it’s in Fiona’s perspective.  Life has just moved on.  Fiona has to figure out what she needs to do now that she is back home in Dry Creek.  

And it doesn’t help that Jud is now a part of that picture!!  

It’s a cute story!  Definitely worth reading!

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