The Dragon Legion Collection

Originally Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

The Dragon Legion Collection by Deborah Cooke is a different type of story.  Instead of being just one, there are three stories (novellas) in this one book.  

And each of these stories has to do with a member of the Dragon Tooth Warriors.

While each story can stand on its own, combined, they help with the outcome of the Pyr in the rest of the series.

So check out each #bookdetails to know how they fit together for the rest of the series!!

In book 6, Darkfire, you learn about the darkfire crystal.  It is a powerful tool that can be used to transport through space and time.

When Drake and his men are being bouncing from place to place, they come to realize that they were each being taken to their own firestorm through space and time.

This is the story of three of the warriors.

Kiss of Danger

Kiss of Danger is the 1st book in this collection.

This is the story of Alexander and Katina.

He left her and their infant son many years before. The darkfire crystal takes him back, just in time to save his son from an enemy that also travelled through time.

While to Alexander, he’s been gone centuries, to his wife, he’s only been gone 8yrs.

When he comes back to her, he doesn’t know that time has passed.  All that he does knows is that he needs to be with her.  

After an explosive reunion with her!!!, he finds out that time has passed and that she remarried.

She had to remarry in order to survive being an outcast and abandoned.  And it happened to be with an enemy of Alexander’s.

It’s a short and simple story about what happened to Alexander.  And what the darkfire crystal was doing for all of them.

But there is an enemy afoot!

Not only from Cetos (Alexander’s enemy) but also from Jorge.  Jorge is a Slayer that has also come into the past.

Jorge has come back in time too and is planning the destruction of the Pry long before the modern time of the rest of the characters in this series.

But it is with Alexander and Katina’s help as well as the Pythia herself, do they manage to overthrow Jorge and send him back to the future.

And Alexander and Katina are given a second chance to have another firestorm as well as to be together.  He also becomes the commander and starts training the Pyr so when the generations have passed, there are teams of Pyr that are able to fight when Erik is the leader!!

Kiss of Darkness

Kiss of Darkness is the 2nd book in the Dragon Legion Collection.

This is Damien’s and Petra’s story.

This one is a bit different and a lot happens in this story.

After they satisfied their firestorm, Damien couldn’t handle who Petra was.  So he left her while she was pregnant with their son.  She is an earth daughter and can harness the power of the earth.

And their relationship was always very explosive.  While that led to passionate lovemaking, they didn’t develop a relationship that could last.

He leaves but is unable to forget her despite the fact that he becomes the casanova of the Dragon Tooth Warriors.

When the darkfire takes them to the underworld, he knows that he is there to find his son as Petra died before she gave birth.

This is where this one gets a bit different.

Damien goes into the underworld to find Petra and to get his son.  What he finds is a second chance to be with Petra.  Both of them lose their powers so they have to learn to be work together by actually listening to each other.

So this story is about learning to trust and also loving the one that your with.

And of course, they get out of the underworld and go and live with Alexander and Katina to help train the new Pyr that grow through the ages.

Kiss of Destiny

Kiss of Destiny is about Aura and Thaddeus.  This is the 3rd story in this Dragon Legion Collection.

She is a nymph and he is a Dragon Tooth Warrior.

This story is at the same timeframe as the other 2 books in this collection.

Because she is a nymph and she’s immortal, she couldn’t get pregnant.  

They are brought together because of the firestorm.  At first, she is completely against the firestorm and all it was about.

But as she gets to know Thaddeus, she changes her mind.

The story itself has not much to do with the Dragonfire Series.  It is just a sweet and fun fantasy romance that is tied to this series.

Now this whole book really has nothing to do with the whole series, but then again it does.  

This is like the pre-story, but not.

It’s a different type of story.  Not bad, just different.

All of these characters, Alexander and Katina, Damien and Petra and Aura and Thaddeus all work together to train an army that will available to Erik in the future.  These Dragon Tooth Warriors train, love their mates, live their lives and train their posterity to fight the Slayers in Erik’s time.

And this is where the last two books comes in.  

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