Kiss of Fury

Originally Published: 10-13-2017

Book Summary

Kiss of Fury is the 2nd book in the Dragonfire Seriesby Deborah Cooke!

This is the story of the Wizard and the Warrior.

Together they can become what they are destined to being!

This story is about Alexandra Madison and Donovan Shea.  

She is a scientist on the verge of creating the Green Machine when she is attacked by dragons.   

Because the Wyvern has decided to actually get involved with the humans and the Pyr, she tells Erik that the next firestorm is going to be the Warrior and the Wizard.  Erik figures it’s going to be Donovan and sends him to find Alex Madison and to protect her.

Even though she doesn’t trust him she is very attracted to him.

At first, he has no desire to sate the firestorm, but as he gets to know her, he finds that she is exactly what he would look for in a woman.

And of course, their issues come into play.  And they have to work through those issues.

As Alex is making a machine to not only help the dragons but all humans alike, all of the Pyr help to defend her and her machine.  Even when the Slayers sabotage the machine.

So that’s Quinn with his newly pregnant Sara.  There’s Rafferty, Niall, Erik, and Sloane.  And even Sophie, the Wyvern, plays a bigger role in this book.

It’s an entertaining story but there is a LOT that happens in this book!!  Here’s a list of some of the things that happen:

  • Donovan’s father is fighting with the Slayers.  He doesn’t yet know that he is a shadow dragon.  Donovan defeats and destroys him – never to rise again.  They figure this out by the end of the book.
  • Erik meets his son again, Sigmund Guthrie, who has turned Slayer.
  • Boris is the leader of the Slayers in this book.
  • Erik battles Boris and leaves him for dead, but he’s not.  This plays a factor in book 3.
  • Donovan finds out that Delaney is his actual brother.
  • They find out that Delaney isn’t dead.  He was attracted to his brother’s firestorm and came to be near him in order to heal.
  • Donovan has an ancient dragon tooth that he has been harboring.
  • They figure out that this tooth is actually a part of a group that were spelled and called the Dragon Tooth Warriors.
  • The first Dragon Tooth Warrior, Nikolas, joins the group.
  • Nikolas takes one look at Sophie and is smitten – this plays a part in book 3.
  • There is a sex scene but it is tastefully done and the author doesn’t use crude words to describe things.
  • Donovan looses two scales instead of one – but Alex helps to heal him.
  • This is the second of three firestorms that are essential to giving the Pyr a fighting chance of winning against the Slayers!!  Quinn and Sara in book 1.  Alex and Donovan in book 2.  And Erik and Eileen in book 3. 

Like I said before, you have to pay attention in this series to really follow along with what is happening!

But it’s a really entertaining series and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Check out this graphic about the prophecy about the Wizard and the Warrior!!

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