Promise Canyon

Originally Published: 02-12-2018

Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr is the 13th book in the Virgin River Series.

Book Summary

While this story is mostly about Clay Tahoma and Lilly Yazhi, it’s also continuing the storyline of the characters that we have come to know and love.

Clay has come to work with Nate (book 8) at the vet clinic.  And it’s there that he meets Lilly when she’s dropping off a load to the clinic.

At first, she doesn’t give him much of her time.  It takes a lot of work on Clay’s part to win Lilly over.

But as they are both Native American, he feels like he should show her that she can love her heritage.  So the majority of the story is Clay getting to know Lilly.

And it’s during them getting to know each other that they fall for each other.

Clay is a farrier and has a way with animals and people!  

There’s also Gabe, Clay’s son.  As you get to know Clay, you find out about him and his son and why he does what he does.

But the story is also about others.

You meet Denny and find out why he has come to Virgin River.  He gets his own story in book 16.

Hope McCrea passes away and “leaves” the town to Jack.  So there’s this whole storyline around Jack not feeling up to taking care of things.  He gets to know the town people in a different way with this one.  

Colin Riordan gets into a horrible crash and becomes addicted to pain meds so his brothers stage an intervention to help him.  He comes to Virgin River to stay.  He gets his story in book 14.

Yes, there’s some sexy scenes to watch out for.  And there are some details that can be skipped over.  But Robyn Carr doesn’t use crude words for the scenes.

This book is just another example of life.  And the writing talent of Robyn Carr in being able to make everyday life be interesting and entertaining.

Definitely check out the other books in the series.  It’s worth it.

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