Dark Ghost

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Book Summary

Dark Ghost is 28th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This story is about Andre Boroi and Teagan Joanes.

He’s a master vampire hunter and he’s badly wounded.  He takes refuge deep in the Carpathian mountains to heal and rest.

Teagan is a geologist in search of a precious gem to aid her grandmother to heal.  She thinks that her grandmother is insane and this gem will help her to get better.

Her grandmother is Trixie Joanes.  She’s been brainwashed by the human vampire hunters.  She keeps talking about Gary whose been consorting with the enemy.

Now this happens to be where the next book comes in.  In Dark Promises, Trixie follows Teagan to the mountains to help her.  And in doing so, finds that she’s lifemates with another ancient warrior.

So this story starts when she’s headed to the Carpathian Mountains, desperately seeking a way to help her grandmother.

She asks her friend to guide her but that friend attacks her and she takes off.  In her flight, she hides in a cave.

And it’s in that cave that she finds Andre.  He’s badly injured and was prepared to die.  And just at the moment of his demise, his lifemate literally walks into his life!

Teagan is an empath and can “tune” into crystals or gems.  Thus she’s on this mission to find these gems to aid her grandmother.

For the majority of this story, it’s about them coming together and unfortunately this book has way too many sexy scenes.  It seems that their sexual relationship is an essential part of this particular story.

So this story is about them coming together and what all that entails.  Sharing secrets and overcoming shortcomings that each of them have.  

One secret like why he’s the “ghost”.  He was invisible to his parents due to their own issues.  They never saw him.  He was alone.

So when a human family “adopted” him, he finally felt what a family should feel like.  And for a while that brought him great joy.  And he turned to them when things with his own parents were too difficult.

And then his greatest joy brought his greatest sorrow.

His uncle, who had become the undead, had followed his scent and slaughtered this small family just because he could.

So when he shares this part of his past, she can do nothing but feel his sorrow.  And as an empath, she wants to heal him.

It also helps to bind their relationship.

But he’s also called a ghost because he has skills that enable him to disappear and not be seen.  But it has also caused confidence issues that even he has to worry about.

Now, Andre converts her without her really understanding what’s happening.  That causes several scenes of them coming to terms of that together.

But as she keeps learning how to do things, she comes to terms with the changes that are happening in her life.

They also come to a common agreement when it comes to her assisting him in helping hunt for vampires.  And during one battle, as she’s aiding Andre, Fane shows up to give her aid.

He’s a warrior from the monastery and only stepped out long enough to aid them. 

You will find that this book is just about the relationship between Andre and Teagan.

When you read book 29, Dark Promises, the rest of the story about the warriors at the monastery comes out and we see that Fane is lifemates with Trixie.

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