The Immortal Guardians Series

Last Published: 09-21-2020

Book Series Summary

The Immortal Guardians Series is a very complex plot line with tons of different characters.  The Immortal Guardians are a group of men and some women that have gifts that allows them to become Guardians instead of falling prey to the virus that makes others become vampires.  They are called gifted ones.

The virus gives them longevity and powers.  Some have physic gifts and all are impressive fighters.

The vampires are people that have been infected with the virus, don’t have the extra genes and they succumb to the insanity that the virus gives them.  

Each book is about a key character in this group.  This group is huge though, so I will list some other characters that are important.  Dianne Duvall has a list of characters here.

The love scenes in the plot line fit within the story, they don’t overpower it.  The romance, love, friendship, and camaraderie that is built within the couples as well as the whole group is a part of the story, not the only thing you read about.

Each of the Immortal Guardians have what is called a Second who works and fights along side with them in the fight against vampires.

There’s an entire group of humans that aid the Immortals in just about everything.  Chris Reordan is the leader of this group.  They help clean up messes made by the Immortals.  They help the Immortals fight the vampires.

Book 1, Darkness Dawns, starts us with Roland Warbrook and Sarah Bingham.  He’s a tough warrior that can only be helped by his lady Sarah!

Book 2, Night Reigns, is about Marcus Grayden and Amiriska.  She’s the alien that came to the earth for aide and received terror and torture instead.  

Book 3, Phantom Shadows, brings us Sebastien Newcombe and Melanie Lipton’s story.  He’s the Immortal Guardian that thought he was a vampire.  A vampire leading a vampire army.  This book adds a ton to the storyline. 

In Still Darkness, book 3.5, is about Richart d’Alencon and Jenna McBride.  He rescues Jenna from some vampires only to fall for her!!  Then in battle, Richart is injured and inadvertently teleports to Jenna’s place, outing himself as a guardian.  This is a novella, a fun short story in the anthology Predatory.

Book 4, Darkness Rises, is about Etienne d’Alencon’s and Krysta Linz’s story.  She’s a warrior as well along with her brother Sean being a healer.  She’s taken on vampire hunting only to get side tracked by Etienne.

Book 5, Night Unbound, is where Lisette gets her story.  Her brothers are Etienne and Richart.  Lisette and Zach embark on a forbidden romance only to change things!!  An interesting story!

Book 5.5, Phantom Embrace is another novella that shares Yuri’s story.  This story is in the anthology On The Hunt.

Book 6, Shadows Strike, is when Ethan, the American Immortal finally gets his story.  Heather Lane is the agent that captures his heart.

Book 7, Blade of Darkness, is about Dana Pembroke and Aidan O’Byrne.  This is an entertaining story where we learn a lot about Aidan and Dana and even more about the guardians.

Book 8, Awaken the Darkness, is about Susan and Stanislav.  She rescues him from his own memory loss.  This is a cute story!

And in Book 9, Death of Darkness, is where we finally get to hear Seth’s story.  And we get a ton of answers to many questions that have plagued us throughout the series!!

And it’s in this story that the fight with Gershom finally comes to an end.  In an epic battle, we see Seth defeat him and marry Leah Somerson.

But it’s not the end of the series, thankfully.

There are several more Immortal Guardians that need their own story.

Yuri’s and Stanislav’s Seconds, Dmitry and Alexei.  Sean and his Second, Nichole.  Edward and his Second, Desmond.  Ethan’s Second, Ed. David’s Second Darnell.  Each of these need their own story.

Then there’s David, grandson to Seth.  He needs his own story!

And you can’t forget Jared, he joined the guardians to fight Gershom.

Marcus and Ami have their baby in book 5.  They name the baby Adira.  You have to read each of the books so you can see how these two have grown and become more.  And then added Adira to the mix. 

There was much trouble around her birth that left you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happened.  The baby is already showing signs of having astonishing powers.  She needs a story!

Then there’s little Michael.  He was adopted by Roland and Sarah.  Eventually he’ll need a story of his own.

Each of these many characters needs their own story!! And we get to impatiently patiently wait for more books to be written and published.

And to make things interesting, book 10, Broken Dawn, brings us two brand new characters to enjoy.  Nick Belanger has been in love with Kayla Dorman for forever.  But when she’s in a car accident things change in an instant.

I highly recommend reading this whole series before you read the other book series from this author, even tho they are connected.  They will make more sense when you do.  Both her two other books series are connected to this one with connecting characters.

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