Knight in Shining Armor

Originally Published: 09-01-2017

Book Summary

A Knight in Shining Armor is the last book in the Montgomery Taggart Series by Jude Deveraux.

A Knight in Shining Armor is a time-travel romance.  This is my favorite book of all time.

This one is about Douglas Montgomery and Nicolas Stafford.

Douglas (Douglas is a she) is heartbroken because of her relationship she’s currently in and goes to a church to sit.  It’s in this church that her grief “calls” Nicolas forward to her time.  

What follows is an endearing story of a love that can transport time.

After she works her “magic” and brings him forward.  They fall in love despite being from completely different times and customs.  

Then after they make love, he is “sent” back to his own time.  She is left with memories that nobody else remembers.  It’s very touching and heartbreaking at the same time.

She finds that he has been executed in his time and she must help him.  

She does a ton of looking and finds out what happens.  Then she figures out how to get back into his time, she then must get to know him all over again.  And get him to fall in love with her again.  

She becomes quite the character in his household.  She also has to convince him of all the things that she found that will happen to him if he doesn’t change.  

Things like:  his child.  Before he died of infection as a very young child. She finds the child and saves his life, therefore saving the fact that Nicolas now has an heir.  

Or like:  Saving his drawings and making him write his name on them.  Therefore giving him the credit for the work that he does. 

She also succeeds in getting him to fall in love with her again.  But she doesn’t convince him to not follow thru with the arranged marriage.  It’s only after he leaves that she’s finally able to get through to him.  He hears her cries and can’t get married.

So he doesn’t get married but comes back to her.

And they finally make love.  But now Douglas knows that she will be leaving him and going back to her time.  She warns him of what might happen and gives him advice that will help him in the coming months.

You have to read it to get the full effect of the story.  Jude Deveraux has filled both modern time and the past time with excellent descriptions to help you understand the what is happening.

Okay, back to the ending….

Them being together causes her to be sent back to her time.  She only has a few minutes to tell him all that he needs to know to handle being with just his own memories.  

She is then transported back to her time.  Now, she was able to get him to make some major changes that enable him to be more in the future but she had to leave him in past.  

I won’t give you any details about the ending!!  It is sweet and endearing but I didn’t like it!!


Because it doesn’t share how they FINALLY get together.  We do know that they do end up together but we don’t know the story of them in modern times how they got together.

And as a hopeless romantic, I like to know how they get together.  But I still loved the book!!

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