Made for Loving You

2021 Book Cover

Made for Loving You is the 3rd book in the Rescue My Heart Series.

Kait Nolan has also added this same book to a couple of anthologies, listed below, into book collections to entice readers.

Book Details

Made for Loving You is a full length novel with 228 pages.

The sub-genre for this story is forced proximity as well as second chance romance. Amazon classifies this story as a military and contemporary romance. A lot in a short number of pages!!

This story was originally published in 2021.

Book Summary

Army Ranger Tyson “Ty” Brooks is a wounded warrior who’s finally come home. But he’s carrying a load of PTSD and survivor’s guilt about losing his best friend and brother in the line of duty.

With the help of his friends Harrison and Sebastian, as well as his first love, Paisley Parish, he finally comes to terms with the death of Garrett.

This story is about him coming to terms with Garrett’s death and finding Paisley again.

In the short prequel, Bad Case of Loving You, Paisley and Ty reconnect at their friend’s wedding. He comes to her rescue again, just like in high school. And the have a magical night together, with no strings attached.

2023 Book Cover

That is until a stalker makes Paisley’s life a living he**.

Ty traded in his army fatigues for a badge and uniform in Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee. So when this stalker takes things to a new level, Paisley turns to Ty for help.

At first, she doesn’t tell him what’s going on, but when this stalker intrudes in his life too, he’s finally ready to face his demons.

The majority of the stoy is Ty facing and dealing with his demons. The lost of his best friend sent him down a dark path and it was only the intervention of his friends that he was able to not succeed.

But it was the return of Paisley into his life that he finally starts to smile again.

You see, Paisley and Ty were high school sweethearts. He left her to join the army. He never forgot about her, but he never thought he was worthy of her.

She became a romance writer. Writing a little of HIM in every hero she wrote about.


So the story is short packed with a ton in short amount of time.

I did enjoy this story. I was sweet and tender. What I didn’t like was the amount of sex in this short of book. There were more than needed.

Now while each fit the storyline, it wasn’t needed. But I enjoyed how Kait Nolan portrayed the healing necessary for a wounded warrior such as Ty needed to heal. And that sometimes, it takes the love of your high school sweetheart to help you heal.

Take a look at the rest of this series.

Book Collections

Kait Nolan has added this book, Made for Loving You, to a few book collections or anthologies!

This book is a part of the Close to My Heart Collection. This is a forced proximity collection of stories.

This book is also a part of the Second Time Around collection.

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