Deep Blue

Originally Published: 09-02-2017

Book Summary

Deep Blue is the 3rd book in the Sinclair Sisters Trilogy.  This book series is about 3 sisters:  Charity, Hope and Patience.

While this may the 3rd in a series, both sisters play a very little role in this 3rd story.

This one is about Hope Sinclair and Conner Reese.

Hope is a reporter for a small Manhattan newspaper.  She is sent to write a piece about a treasure hunting venture.  And lucky for her, it’s based in the Carribbean.  

There she meets Connor.  He’s one of the crew looking for the Nuestra Senora de Rosa – a ship that sailed in 1605 and sunk due to some nasty storms.

There is instant chemistry between Hope and Conner.  But they are both leary of relationships since they both have gone through some rough ones before.

The story line is definitely a get-to-know-you type of story.  As they get to know each other, they see things in each other that they like and might want to persue.

The problem in the story is that someone is after Hope.  She was doing an article about Hartley House, an old folks place in Manhattan.  She was in the way, so she was “sent” to get out of the way.  But the trouble is following her.

This is where Connor comes in.  He’s a former Navy SEAL and his gut is telling him that she’s in trouble.

There are a few sex scenes to watch for. They are detailed enough that you have to skip a bit, but don’t overpower the plot line that you get annoyed that they are at it again!!

The author doesn’t use crude words in the language of the characters or in intimate scenes.  

What was annoying was how insecure Hope seemed to be when it came to actually believing Connor.  It took to the very last few pages to see that she finally get her butt in gear to take a risk to be with him.

The story line is engaging and keeps you interested.  I wouldn’t call it memorable that I’d read it again, but it was a well-written story with well developed characters.  

You don’t have to read the other books, Midnight Sun and Desert Heat to understand this one.

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