The Beartooth Montana Series

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Beartooth is a small town set in Montana.  Each book carries the main characters as well as some of the other characters that live in Beartooth.  While each book is about the main characters, the background plot carries all sorts of characters that live in this small town.  

B.J. Daniels does a wonderful job of weaving all these lives together to give you the town of Beartooth.  The way that these books are connected is by the town itself.  You hear about some of the other characters but not in great detail.


Book 1, Unforgiven, is about Destry Grant and Rylan West.  Once high school sweethearts, they come back together to solve his sister’s murder and to make things right between them.


Book 2, Redemption, has Jack French coming back to Beartooth to make things right.  He meets Kate LaFond and can’t resist her.


Book 3, Forsaken, brings in detective Bentley Jamison.  He becomes the new deputy sheriff in Beartooth.  One job takes him to Maddie Conner’s ranch, something about a missing ranch hand.


Book 4, Atonement,  has Sheriff Dillon Lawson reeling from the news from Tessa Winters.  She pregnant with his dead brother’s baby!  Then his brother Ethan actually shows up and things get really interesting.


Book 5, Mercy.  The main story is about Rourke Kincaid and Callie Westfield.  He’s a US Marshal in town investigating a killing spree that has brought him to Beartooth.  And Callie, who works at the small cafe in town, catches his eye.  Does she have something to hide or not?

At first I didn’t like this series.  But by the end, you can see how the author has improved in her writing.  While the first books are a bit slow, by the time you get to the end book, it’s an enjoyable read.

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